Thursday 10 April 2014

It's been 6 years

April 10 is my blog-birthday, so here's a short version of the most important stuff from the past 6 years:

It's April 10, 2008 when I press publish for the first time. I live in Volos, in my final year as an architecture student. I like graffiti, my motorbike and MySpace. I read tons of US and UK magazines and blogs like The Clothes Horse and Already Pretty. I comment under other bloggers' posts daily. I also take pics of what I wear and my new buys. Soon leaving comments on other people's blogs and saving pics on my hard drive are not enough, so I create my own blog. I don't give the name much thought. After all, I really am an architect who is into fashion. My blog header is a picture of my scarfs and I quote Coco Channel on my sidebar. I write in English because, for the time, I haven't yet found any other Greek fashion blogs. After a while I discover Shopping Therapy, the oldest Greek fashion blog founded in August 2006 and Little Stylist founded in September 2007. Later in summer of 2008, Life Full of Fashion and Life in Athens are also created. In November 2008 Canadian magazine FCD does a two-page feature on me. I October I meet Rebecca during Athens Fashion Week.

In January 2009 LIFO includes several Greek fashion blogs on their "The Influential 2009" feature. I get my degree and move to Athens. First I get a job working as a fashion editor and right after that another job as an architect, designing a fashion boutique. Streetgeist takes a photo of me. Glamour Greece does a several-page feature on Greek fashion bloggers on their June 2009 issue. 

Greek fashion blogs have started getting acknowledged and the features and collaborations keep coming in. Lucky magazine features two fashion bloggers every month in their The Web Series column. The online version of ELLE España does a blogger feature and includes me. I omit the scarves from the header to give my blog a more minimal look. 

I start working in demanding, grown-up jobs. The poor blog suffers. I do this project with Kiehl's. features me in their top Greek fashion blogs list.

I still work in demanding, grown-up jobs. I don't really like it, but that's life. It's a numb period for the blog, nut I still manage to keep up.

Don't want to bullshit you, it's pretty much the same as 2012.

After 6 years my blog is still on Blogger, my template still the basic, my header is an even more minimal version of the one I designed 6 years ago using the generic Impact font. I now use affiliate networks for monetizing and make deals with brands to write about them. I have added social media buttons and a search bar, all customized by me. I am still terribly back-blogged, but absolutely love it and not giving up.


marietta said...

ααααα το αγαπώ αυτό το post!!! <3 Keep on rockin Lopi!!

Unknown said...

χρονια πολλα!!!

Janine said...

i think i started reading your blog around 2009 (of course i scrolled back to read every post) and i still like it a lot!

ShoppingTherapy said...

keep on !