Friday 18 April 2014

Last minute Easter shopping at McArthurGlen Athens

So, you really are a last-minute kind gal?

Worry not, there is a magical place on earth called McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Athens that is the ultimate destination for gift shopping. That's where we found ourselves earlier this week along with fellow blogger Elena, in an attempt to get our Easter holiday shopping under wraps.

If you've already read the previous post, first two stops at Moschino and Carlo Pazolini were centered around getting myself a little something.

Next up was Staff Jeans & Co:

Great for all those basics that teenage boys & girls (e.g. your godchildren) can never have enough of: jeans, t-shirts, check button-downs, sneakers, the whole deal.

Last stop of the day was VS, which stands for View in Style and is yet another Greek company, this time just for us girls. 

Too bad I haven't discovered it earlier, because it has great little somethings like dresses, cute stamped t-shirts and scarves.

And before you know it, I found myself inside a fitting room with an armful of dresses. Now, how did this happen?
Here are the four I tried on:

Simple maxi with black-and-grey thin stripes. Way too long.
A-line floral with lilac and pale yellow hem. Way too girlie.

Simple beige shift dress. Way too proper.

Full skirt navy stripes on white. Just right.
So this one, plus a pair of loose viscose pants, came home with me.

And hey, seems like will be going back for more the following days. There's a promo going on up until April 26th, that gives you gift cards, extra 10% discount, designer brand gifts and a chance to win a Smart Fortwo car if you spend €50 or more in any of the McArthurGlen Athens shops.
Like I needed an excuse.

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