Sunday 26 October 2014

MI-RO La Pluie

Last season, I very much admired the MI-RO collection, but in a non-personal way, the way you admire a masterpiece of an art you have no special interest in. 

This time, I actually longed to be inside the clothes.

Fluffy white lace and demure black lace, chunky jumpers, felt hats, bad-ass leather, velvet in dark forest green and rich burgundy red, shiny taffeta - with the exception of that last one, they all I would love love to have on me this season. Of course then, I would be a perfect case of "all dressed up and nowhere to go" but that's a problem of mine not to be discussed in this post.

Felt hat adorned with feather, huge navajo earrings, chunky knit embellished with big black sequins. Even the mustached guy in the background concurs! 

Now, if you want to break this down to the fundamentals, it's actually a chunky knit paired with a girly skirt and heels. Maybe I'll try a version of mine and wishfully it won't be a sad version of this.

It's so fluffy I'm gonna die.

Dark forest green velour pants, I would really want you in my life.

The taffeta part. Visually enchanting, but still a no for me.

Did I say demure? Demure, demure, demure.

And I love this shade of something between olive green and gold.

I can almost see the local celebs fighting over who's gonna wear these embellished black lace numbers.

Now, that's what I'm talking about! I should have done a standing ovation.


At the finale, one of the male models was teasing the girl model (the one from Next Top Model, I don't remember her name) by giving her his hat, which eventually slipped and fell on the floor.

Guys, if you're looking for it, here she is:

Finders keepers Chrissiana, you looked much better in it anyway.

Till next time!

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