Tuesday 18 November 2014

Back from Dubai

Actually, I've been back for a week now, but life's crazy, so here are the pics.

Traveling starts at the airplane.

Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building.

At Sindagha Palace, the original Dubai Emir palace, before all that jazz that made Dubai what it is today. Wearing A.L.E. dress, NIKE Air Max trainers, CARRERA sunglasses, MIGATO bag.

In the old days, wind towers like this provided natural air-conditioning.

Taking a boat ride along the Dubai Creek.

I call this one the magic carpet - it will take you places.

Loved the striking colours.

One of the Twin Towers along the Dubai Creek. The Rolex logo is a great example of how perfectly all brand logos are transcripted in arabic, without losing their font colours and style.

Strolling at Deira. Wearing ASOS polka-dot dress, TOM'S shoes, CARRERA sunglasses, MIGATO bag.

The aquarium inside the The Dubai Mall.

Brunch at Tom & Serg.

The PRADA store in the Mall of the Emirates. That's the one that has a ski slope inside.

This is an architectural model for the new AKOYA Oxygen residential development by DAMAC. Taglined "green is the new black", it sells luxury housing to filthy rich people. In that case, interior design by FENDI kinda adds a little extra something.

Bye bye Dubai, till next time!

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Kube Studios said...

So,... do you sit on the carpet and it's like a taxi?!