Friday 28 September 2018

What I wore while pregnant, the sequel

Well, hello there.

Sorry it's been a while since the last time I did an outfit post here on the blog. Have been busy making baby #2.

The concept was pretty much the same as the last time:
Get through the pregnancy while buying and wearing as little maternity wear as possible. 

Actually, this time I didn't buy any new maternity stuff whatsoever, as was already stocked up with all the basics I needed from the last time.

So what I wore while pregnant this time around:

April 3rd 2018, at 17 weeks + 4 days pregnant

As you may have heard, the second time around the belly pops much earlier. So during the first and second trimester I was wearing loose shirt dresses and maternity leggings (bought during my first pregnancy).

Light blue button-down, PINK WOMAN. Black maternity leggings, H&M. Dark orange knit cardigan, H&M. Wooden beads necklace, H&M. Black patent brogues, MIGATO.

April 14th 2018, at 19 weeks + 1 day pregnant

Godmother at the christening of Mariza, daughter of bestie! Still at that point in pregnancy where if I didn't emphatically hold my belly in photos, I just looked like I ate 3 burgers.

Light blue crêpe dress, ASOS. Red block heel sandals, MIGATO.

April 20th 2018, at 20 weeks pregnant

At the opening of the MIGATO store in Peristeri. These heels are seriously the most comfortable shoes ever. Fancier than flats, yet totally doable for those of us who cannot handle heels. I totally recommend low block heels when expecting.

Blue floral midi dress, ZARA. Red block heel sandals, MIGATO.

April 22nd 2018, at 20 weeks + 2 days pregnant

Unfortunately I didn't caption many casual outfits during this pregnancy, but most of them were pretty much these maternity jeans along with a non-maternity stretchy or loose-fitting top.

Maternity dark jeans, H&M. Stripy top, ZARA.

April 30th 2018, at 21 weeks + 3 days pregnant

Short trip to Rhodes, attending the local Marathon event and sightseeing.

Polka-dot skater dress, ASOS. Silver sandals, ZARA. Sunglasses, WEAREEYES.

June 2nd 2018, at 26 weeks + 1 day pregnant

Posing for Panos Georgiou at the MIGATO store opening event at Smart Park.

Black and white dress, OYSHO. Studded sandals, MIGATO.

June 2nd 2018, at 26 weeks + 1 day pregnant

Later on the same day, attending a good friend's wedding, wearing a dress I made myself!

Dress, sewn by me. Sandals and clutch bag, MIGATO. Necklace, UTERQÜE.

June 12th 2018, at 27 weeks + 4 days pregnant

Attending a Swarovski press event.

Red laser-cut top, SOMF. Skirt, ZARA. Red block heel sandals, MIGATO. Statement ring, SWAROVSKI.

June 29th 2018, at 30 weeks pregnant

At another wedding. I managed to find a dress where I could graciously fit the bump, yet is not maternity.

Mint maxi dress, MOUTAKI. Necklace, UTERQÜE. Red block heel sandals, MIGATO.

July 22nd 2018, at 33 weeks + 2 days pregnant

Sunday afternoon walk around the neighborhood.

Dress, OYSHO. Sunglasses, WEAREEYES. Sandals, BIRKENSTOCK.

July 28th 2018, at 34 weeks + 1 day pregnant

Shopping around for a rocking chair.

Floral dress, ASOS. Sandals, BIRKENSTOCK. Studded sandals, MIGATO.

August 8th 2018, at 35 weeks + 5 days pregnant

In vacation mode, wearing a mix n' match black bikini, meaning whatever pieces fit from my existing bikini collection.

Black bikini top and bottom, OYSHO.

August 10th 2018, at 36 weeks pregnant

IKEA visit, wearing my all-time pregnancy favourite, a simple cotton non-maternity body-con dress.

Dress, H&M. Sunglasses, RETROSUPERFUTURE. Studded sandals, MIGATO.

August 25th 2018, at 38 weeks + 1 day pregnant

Groceries run around the neighborhood. Got this dress this summer, exactly because the bump would fit, but also because the button-down front is nursing-friendy.

Dress, ZARA. Sandals, BIRKENSTOCK.

August 31st 2018, at 39 weeks pregnant

Attending the last summer wedding of the season. Wore this dress for a total of 3 times during the pregnancy and it was a total hit every single time. This is the last outfit documented, as I went into labour 3 nights later

Yellow dress, ZAFUL. Studded sandals, MIGATO.

If  you want more, you can take a look on what I wore while pregnant the first time around!

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