Sunday, 11 May 2008

Now I know what's wrong with me

In my last shoe post I was analyzing the fact I seem to be obsessed with shoes now more than ever. I think I have reached a conclusion on that matter. You see, since buying a sewing machine, even if I haven't produced anything wearable yet, I seem to snub clothes in shops. "I can make that, in another colour and it will fit better" I keep saying to myself whenever I stumble upon anything interesting. But shoes are shoes and it's highly unlikely I will be able to make those suckers myself in the near future, so all my guilty consumer instincts moved to their territory. I don't know if this phase will pass and I will covet store-bought garments again, or if I will continue to ignore them and I will start making all of my clothes myself from now on, but for now the shoe obsession is still going strong. So, in that last shoe post I had mentioned the fact I had bought four fabulous pairs of shoes from Zara. Here are the other three:
Teal patent and cork wedges (I already wore them and they are sooo comfortable).

Flat gladiators in the perfect shade of light brown.

And green suede ballerinas.

Those last, I know they are to be enjoyed mostly in winter, but buying regardless the season never stopped me before. I also plan to cut the straps off. Cute, but not flattering.


Bitterbetty said...

those shoes are great.. I wonder if US Zara stores will have any so lovely?

BTW there are only a couple more Sally Stitch chapters left.. but I will eventually put them all up on flickr, for people to see them easily.

cheers!and thanks for visiting my blog!

atelier said...

I like the blue wedge. My gladiators are from H&M;)