Tuesday 27 May 2008

Tags still attached

I hate the fact that - like most women - I have a lot of clothes in my wardrobe that I have never worn. And the fact that pisses me off the most is that the reason for not wearing a lot of these clothes isn't that they are too small, too large, too worn out or simply not in fashion anymore. In fact, I try not to buy clothes that will look dated in a year or two, and even if I fall in this trap once in while, I keep them and eventually I wear them again when the timing is right, with an ironic take or not. The reason I don't wear many of my clothes is that I simply don't have where to wear them. You see, my personal vice is clothes that are too lady-like or officey. Suitable for an imaginary super-chic parisienne around 30, working as a secretary in a posh law firm during the day and drinking champagne cocktails in fancy hotel bars most of her nights. Preferably escorted by a handsome man who opens the doors for her and whisks her away for romantic weekends. Reality check: This is soooo NOT my life. And, to tell you the truth I really don't mind. But, from time to time, I envy the wardrobe that goes with it. And not only to play dress-up alone, but to actually strut that stuff out of the house, onto the street and into the first posh hotel bar I can get my stiletos and french beret in. Bien sûr.
This is the first photo where I actually show my face. Ta-da!
The obligatory description:
  • Grey woolen beret by H&M
  • Green shirt with Peter-Pan collar by Zara
  • High-waisted black pencil skirt by Mango
  • Round-toe black pumps by Elisa Bit


ineedmoredrama said...

it's a pity you feel like there's no occasion to dress this way. i think you look really chic in this outfit and you should just forget about whether it's appropriate and just go for it!

Anonymous said...

Even though it is considered formal or an office look you should see it as a challenge!Try to twist it into sth more youthful! It's a pity not to wear pencil skirts, they flatter your body type so much!