Sunday 25 May 2008


My graffiti writer friend RTM has discovered this:
Very in-vogue, with all the gladiator sandal madness going on right now. From greek ironic-kitsch designers Greece Is For Lovers. Visit them for more greek folklore with a twist.
Also available, the "Ridden in Stone" marble skateboard.The description reads:

California? We don’t think so.
As with everything cool, skateboarding originated in ancient Athens.
It is common knowledge that Socrates himself used to ride a longboard down the Agora. Greece is for Lovers have the relic to prove it.
Made to order.


Monika said...

I had a whole bad year, thats it.
just make fun of me. :-/ I had to finish that shit after 3 years.

geri hirsch said...

haha. that top board is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Lol! apo pote asxolitai me fashion o RTM? :p :p :p
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