Thursday 13 November 2008

Comme des garçons grecs

Although not an actual fan of Rei Kawakubo, I am aware of the effect a Comme des Garçons label can have on the fashion savvy. I also knew fashionistas all around the world were camping outside H&M stores to get their claws on the stuff. What I didn't know and wanted to learn first-hand was how the greek shoppers would react to this phenomenon. Now, if I was a good reporter I would wake up at the break of dawn and be one of the first outside the shop. But I am not a good reporter, I'm just a blogger who really loves to sleep in. So, I arrived outside the Stadiou H&M at 12:45 and looked inside cautiously. Weird, I thought. No mayhem, no chaos, no uncontrolable mob of mad women pulling half-torn garments from each other's hands. I stepped in and there they were: On a red carpet specially laid out for the occasion, with their own nameshake plastic hangers, perfectly lined and folded. "Ok, it's safe" I told myself and proceded to browse and see if there was anything worth its dough. The trench coat didn't look like the 150 euros price tag, as did both the button-down shirts and plain t-shirts. If you're going to buy a Comme des Garçons piece, it should at least look interesting. As I was thinking that all thais circus was just too much fuss over nothing, I noticed some thick black wool weird stuff. I pulled a random hanger and there it was: A cropped deconstructed jacket. Now we're talking, I said to myself. I also grabbed the tail coat, some culotte shorts and a deconstructed pencil skirt, and found myself a fitting room. The culotte and the skirt were no-nos. The thick wool didn't do my hips any favors and I wasn't convinced of their design quality either. But check those jackets out:

Keepers, aren't they?

As is the amazing hat, which will look even better on the boyfriend's head.
If you can read greek, do check out Stella's coverage of the not-quite-event here.

***UPDATE*** You must absolutely check Susie Bubble 's coverage as well! She shot and edited an amazing video documenting the queues outside and frenzy inside major London H&M branches while interviewing shoppers, all by herself. Go see it now!


Lili3 said...

the 1st jacket looks so much better than the 2nd one(which I somehow don't get what its supposed to look like lol) and the hat is soo cool! It sucks that I never got to wear the hats I get :S

Elena said...

H&M finally opened in Glyfada! But as I told you I'm broke so I did not even go inside! But both jackets are soooo cool!

FashionSqueah! said...

I can't say I was too excited about the collaboration either, but I do agree about those jackets, they are pretty decent! Char x

FashionSqueah! said...

awesome hat!
i've stil lnot been to H&M to have a little look at the CDG stuff, but nothing has really caught my eye, from what ive seen in magazines :(
thanks for your comment on our blog too! I got the shoes from ebay, but were originally from topshop! They are meant to be a deep red colour but they have faded a little, which makes them look coral!
thanks again & take care!
sea @ fashionsqueah!

Merily said...

I love both of the jacket, they're just gorgeous.

saray said...

:( too bad we don't have H&M in Isarel!

Sara said...

Thank you for posting this! I was wondering about the collection, so it was great to read your comments (and I laughed at, "But I am not a good reporter, I'm just a blogger who really loves to sleep in."

Great hat! And those jackets are a lot of fun. I love a jacket with tails and this one looks great on you!

SOS! said...

Jackets look cool. My fave piece was the coat.. sigh.

ShoppingTherapy said...

the hat is a keeper!