Tuesday 25 August 2009

10 things you don't know about me

Tagged by Natalie of Naked Tile. I've already done a 5-random-things version before, so I may repeat a couple of things.
Here it goes:

1. I can't use nail polish. It's a personal quirk. My nails feel like they're suffocating when I try to, so I quit trying a long time ago.
2. I was one of the first kids in junior high to get a mobile phone (overprotective parents who wanted to know my whereabouts) and one of the last to start wearing sunglasses. I used to hate wearing them.

3. Many of my guy friends like to call me McGyver or Bob the Builder because I love fixing things up and finding solutions to technical problems. Although now that I think about it, owning a proper tool case, complete with a power drill and a sander, must have had something to do with it too.

4. I can't play cards, charades, any board or electronic games without getting bored instantly, with the exceptions of Tetris and Trivial Pursuit. I'd also love to try Twister one day.

5. I really like watching football (soccer for Americans), preferably with the boyfriend and/or friends. I would love to be able to play as well, but being a girl, the boys never picked me for their team...

6. ...but I can't pair football-watching with beer. I gave the yellow thing lots of chances to prove itself, but I recently decided that I just hate the taste of it!

7. Weird as it may sound, I also don't like ice-cream, cake, chocolate, candy or any sweet stuff in general. My taste buds get sweetness overload after just one spoonful of the stuff.

As big as my clothes and shoes collection might be, I love my book collection even more. My over-stuffed black EXPEDIT is my baby.
9. I never read the horoscope in magazines. No, not even a glimpse. My friends think that's weird.

10. I'm not afraid of cockroaches. Not that I love them or anything, I'm just able spot and kill them without batting an eyelid. Same with snakes, only I don't kill them. And I find mice too cute. But, I get totally petrified just by seeing a tarantula printed on a magazine. Seriously, I can't even touch the paper.

And yes, this is my hand holding a baby mouse I found in the garden this summer.
Thanks for the tag Natalie, and sorry it took so long. Procrastinator, you see...

[all pictures mine, except Bob the Builder]


Baśka said...

points 2, 5 and 6 are the same as mine :) i hate beer, love watching football matches and was the first kid with a mobile phone in school. we are a bit alike :) greetings!

aMoRpHiS said...

Ok..you 're weird, girl! :P About soccer, table-games, mobile phone and sunglasses..ok, i understand! But what about eating ice-cream etc? And watching a match without cold beer (i'm a girl, too)? And you are not afraid of coakroaches? I am afraid of them as hell! And you love mice.. what can I say? And as if that were not enough you ride a bike? hehe ok im pretty weird,too..but the most surprising of all was that you do not like music..i could die without music..trully indeed! Are u an alien or sth? hehe


mahler76 said...

niaaaar slourp this mouse looks delicious!!!

PaperCrane said...

I can't stand nail polish for the same reason.

Thalia said...

lovely to find more things about you!!!
i pride myself for my book collection and i also do not like almost anything sweet!!!!
cute mouse although i wouldn't like to see it grow up!!!! :P

ToKataifi said...

nice infos.. :)

oute ego ime fun tis sokolatas..k varieme aforita ta xartia kta epitrapezia..brrr :P

K@terina B. said...

how cute , i always though mice to be cute, but when I see one I am prejudiced and consequently appalled! Now I wanna pet one too!!!!!

natalie said...

Loved it! But come on, how can you not like beer?! :)

Penny said...

Hey!Very interesting to know more things about you although the fact that intrigued me the most was the motorcycle (previous post!!).
I also hate beer-but recently realised that weiss beer (like paulaner)is totally different!Have you tried it?
And i hate sweets as well but I m totally addicted to salty,which is even worse:)

Lopi said...

Guys, I have tried lots of different kind of beers to no avail. I'll never be a beer-and-pizza kinda person, I'm a wine-and-cheese girl!

Oh, and yes, I'm totally addicted to salt. I'm guilty of salting my food before tasting it, too. But I kinda have to eat lots of it, as I have reaaaally low blood pressure and I get dizzy spells if I don't.
Here, I have an excuse!

And about the mouse, funny thing is I showed it to Frida to see what would happen and she just smelled it and took off. Snobbish cat!

Jo said...

nice to meet you lopi! hehe! mice are too cute indeed!