Thursday 24 December 2009

Couldn't wait for Santa

The presents we give to ourselves are the best ones, right?

Here are the two things I got myself from Nasty Gal.

Eternal Knit Looped Scarf by De*nada.

$54.00 on Nasty Gal (no longer available last time I checked)
$58.00 on De*nada

De*nada is a handmade accessories line, inspired by the Peruvian heritage of its founder Virginia Blanca Arrisueño. According to the press release found on her site, Arrisueño works alongside skilled artisans in Perú to create De*Nada’s growing collection.

Handmade in Perú? I'm impressed and intrigued, not to mention in love with my new scarf.

But that's not all...

I also got this amazing silver plated two-finger bow ring by Erica Anenberg.

$64.00 on Nasty Gal
$93.00 on Erica Anenberg

Ouch, Ms Anenberg. $29 more on your site and you're the actual supplier, while Nasty Gal is just a merchandiser? That hurts... Good thing for me I got it cheap.

And yes, it's two rings shy of an iron fist, but it has a bow on top, so let's put it in the "cute" category, not the " malicious weapons" one, shall we?

For my dear readers who asked about the whole ordering from the internet experience, here are my thoughts this time:

Nasty Gal
originally started as a vintage boutique, but now it stocks new stuff too. It is a really easy site to navigate and order from. The scarf and ring I got were $118 total and the shipping was $13, which I believe is a fair amount. They arrived in less than three weeks, which again I think is fair enough, considering that I checked the First Class Airmail box and not the Priority Mail or Express Mail option, both of which would be pricier. Not to mention that my orders usually take longer than that to arrive.

The only thing that puzzled me was the fact that my parcel was small enough to be considered a letter, so the postman brought it along with the mail and left it on top of my mailbox, outside my apartment building. And as fellow blogger Stella learned the hard way, this is not a good thing. Up until now I was used to the good old post office note, saying I have to pick up my parcel myself. Parcels containing cute stuff I paid $131 for, left unattended outside for anyone to steal, is NOT something I wish for.

But Santa came anyway, so happy holidays everyone!


Teresa said...

Love the new gifts you bought yourself! I know. I've been bad too and purchased some things as well. All the good sales were going on and I just couldn't wait for Christmas!

Pingu said...

Thank you!!!
k egw ellinida eimai..:) oraio Blog exeis!!! k propantos oraio daxtilidi!!! teleio! to epomeno daxtilidi mou tha einai "two-finger-ring" :) trelenomai!!!

ShoppingTherapy said...

the important thing right now is that your order arrived! and everything looks so unique and special!
happy holidays!

Mairyliscious said...

δεν εχω δει ωραιοτερο κασκολ ειναι σαν κολιε και σε κραταει και ζεστη ! καλα για το δαχτυλιδι δεν το συζητω θα μπορουσα ανετα να το φορω και σαν δαχτυλιδι γαμου μη σου πω οτι το προτιμω απο την κλασσικη κοτρονα προτασης γαμου χεχε ! τελεια μεγεια και με χαρα !!! καλα χριστουγεννα και καλη πρωτοχρονια ευχομαι μια χρονια γεματη υγεια αγαπη και πολυ μοδα !!!

Mairyliscious said...

a kai oson afora ta dwra nai auta pu kanoume emeis ston eauto mas einai ta kalutera !!!

Raquel said...

Happy Christmas Lopi!
I really like your new bow ring! And true the best ones are the presents we offer ourselves! :)

Anonymous said...

antilamvanesai oti 8a pas sti gkolasi ,non?

Lopi said...

Darling anonymous, if I'm going to hell it's definitely going to be because of numerous naughty things other than my spending habits. I'm ok with that. Happy holidays.

battered couture said...

f-ing amazing. happy holidays girl!

daisychain said...

LOVE that ring.

natalie said...

Kala, teleia einai kai ta dyo! Megeia!!

chloe said...

haha, i always fall into this routine! in the last weeks as i was doing my present shopping, i managed to buy 4-5 'presents' for myself too, its terrible, lol!

happy holidays lopi, enjoy your own-gifts! x