Monday 26 July 2010

Fashion or just clothes?

Anonymous left this quite interesting comment the other day, under my recent outfit post:
I am actually a frequent visitor of your blog, so allow me to say something to you, totally without any bad feelings. (After all, I put some time in writing it) Could you please explain to me how a simple "blouse-skirt-ballet flats" outfit can turn into something worth-posting? I am a big fun of chic and simple but this is just so indifferent. I understand that fashion bloggers need to support each other, that's why usually i don't take all the thumbs up comments on your posts too seriously. I am from Greece too. So, here in Greece where we all walk around the streets or even abroad, your today's outfit is nothing that we haven't repeatedly seen. I don't say that your outfit sucks, but at least someone has to say the obvious: IT'S NO BIG DEAL! And i am concerned that you seem to think the opposite! So, dear lopi, as a fellow architect allow me a piece of advice. Give your fellow readers something more lopi! Please… everyone can wear a blouse and a skirt without much of an effort!
Dear anonymous, you're right. The outfit was indeed simple as scratch. Something I just threw on in the morning to drag my ass to work. Just like many other outfits presented here on the blog. I don't think it's indifferent, just a very simplified yet cute way of dressing. I never suggested it was anything more than than that, something fashion-forward or ground-breaking.

Then why did I post about it?
You see, this is a personal style blog that just documents my reality. And I admit that, at times, my reality can be quite boring for some people out there. I'm no Susie Bubble folks. Most of the time I simply wear a skirt, a top and a pair of flats and just get done with it. Sometimes the result happens to be a bit more interesting, sometimes it's quite plain. But I blog it nevertheless, probably because I think it looks nice enough and most importantly because the personal style part of this blog (as opposed to the fashion & architecture part) is mostly about documenting my outfits and new buys. Is that so bad?

I could never do the opposite thing, dedicate time to wear clothes in order to take pictures for the blog. If I did that, some quite intriguing outfits would emerge, that's for sure. Believe me, I can do quirky. And I quite enjoy some fashion blogs that are based on that concept, as they are quite inspirational in all their experimental glory. But do I want to play dress-up in front of my camera just to post some pics here and have you swoon all over them in the comments? No. Not if it's not what I really wore that day. That's just not me.

I like to keep things real here.
Yes, I have indeed wore some more intriguing outfits in the past and I quite enjoyed it. And I'm sure I will do that again in the future. I do understand how my Anonymous reader wishes to see more of that kind of dressing. Blogs are an amazing source of inspiration and I'm sure that's what many people expect out of me, provide a constant stream of inspiration. But I'm no magazine. I don't do all this professionally. I go through periods when I have nothing new to say fashion-wise, I just get dressed and document it. And all of you wishing to see something more than that and to be inspired from my outfits, I'm afraid you might have wait until the heat wave cools down or until I get hit with a sudden rush of fashion inspiration.

So bear with me and keep checking back until you see something you like. Or not, this is a free world. There are many other more experimental fashion blogs out there that I'm sure you'll enjoy reading. Many of them are already on my blogroll on the right.

Remember, sometimes we don't do fashion, we just wear clothes. And that's not necessarily a bad thing.


Thalia said...

dear lopi,

there have been numerous times that i had the same thoughts as this anonymous reader, for many blogs, including of course mine! i must say that this comment looks genuine enough and that is already good enough for me.

i read your answer and i think (knowing you as well) that is honest and unpretentious.

blogs and particularly fashion blogs cannot constantly be a stream of inspiration as they are personal and hence affected by our own lives.

i myself have been lucking inspiration many times but this happens....

from my part keep it up and as simple as some outfits are still they way you write (excellent use of English language) is good enough for me and was one of the reasons that i decided to start my own blog.

Κατερίνα said...

Συμφωνώ απόλυτα μαζί σου!!!από τα περισσότερα blog που παρακολουθώ κυρίως του εξωτερικού αυτό που σκέφτομαι όταν βλέπω τις φωτογραφίες των outfits τους είναι....μα καλά βγήκε έτσι έξω??κ πως μπορεί κ περπατάει σε αυτά τα παπούτσια??
Κ αυτός είναι ο λόγος που πλεόν δεν αγοράζω περιοδικά...γιατί δεν απευθύνονται σε εμένα.....κ αυτός ακριβώς είναι ο λόγος που μου αρέσει το blog σου!!!Πολλές φορές που δεν ξέρω τι να φορέσω κ πως να συνδυάσω κάποιο ρούχο ανατρέχω σε παλιά post δικά σου για να πάρω ιδέες!!!!!!!!!Άλλωστε το πιο δύσκολο είναι να είμαστε κομψές κ αληθινές κάθε μέρα κ όχι αντιγραφή κάποιας σελίδας περιοδικού!!!

T said...

You are a class act, lady.

lucia said...

i agree both with Thalia and you and i like the way you reacted on that comment. I think a lot of all these things and i simply believe we cant be so creative - inspirational in our everyday lives because
a) being that isnt an aim, it just happens
b)reality and everyday life can be so demanding from times to times that we cant just bother.

and on the other hand, numerous times i have checked some of my favourite blogs i cant stop thinking of "where this girl is going dressed that way"? [even though i may admire her]
i mean my life cannot support such experimenations or at least this is what i think.

your blog and consequently your style, is the interaction between your personality and the people around you. and this is what i like on it.

Lopi said...

Thank you girls! I find all of your opinions extremely interesting, keep'em coming please.

Just a note though:
It's not that I'm *trying* to react nicely. I am genuinely happy to receive interesting, out-of-the-ordinary comments that prompt me to write such posts. The anonymous commenter in question was very polite while articulating her honest opinion and I applaud that.

ShoppingTherapy said...

i understand the reader's point of view, but i mostly agree with yours.
blogging is something we do on our spare time, it's not our full time job and we're not making any money out of it, so the time and effort we put in them simply should not and cannot absorb all our energy in order to be something more/something different.
and my point of view, since i'm into shopping, i might see something another blogger wears that i like and i'll go buy the same / a similar one because i know it will be something i can afford and not some high street designer name i have to sell my kidney to buy.

plus lately i am thinking a lot about the term Fashion Blogger and i find more and more that no, it just simply does not do justice to every blog related to fashion/shopping/beauty by professonials, by amateurs, by talented people, by people who just repost pics from magazines etc etc.

i myself just say nowdays that i simply shop & blog ...

Alecca Rox said...

i think it's great you dedicated a post to this comment, even though I believe that the situation is kinda self-explanatory:

fashion blogging can be many things, tips, news, amateur (or prof) photoshoots OR/AND pure personal style. And to be honest, the last bit is the most important, real people being real.

in chats i have with friends, i find this is most often misunderstood. many have the perception that a fashion blogger is a fashion editor or should be one.

that's not the case. it's a projection of one's self on the web through their dress sense and taste. no obligation to please anyone.

i like what you do, it's real - and that's fellow bloggership aside.

Raquel said...

first Lopi, I think the simple chic is what defines you best from what you show us here, like everybody else (and myself!) you go through phases, and right now the heat does not leave much space for inspiration! but then again, you're right saying this is a personal style blog and you should stay true to yourself.

as for your last paragraph, I just have to say I couldn't agree more!

and about the comment itself it is actually nice to receive a well structured anonymous comment! I agree with what the other ladies said up there.

A BRIT GREEK said...

Lopi - i love that you always stay true to yourself (and never self absorbing)! I find that so refreshing!


Mika's Fashion said...

lopi to blog s einai toso diaforetiko...
exei arwma lopi kai ka8olou dh8en.

Unknown said...

I think one of the most important things to recognize is that yes, there are people who fashion blog full time and who do not have the typical normal job. (And that is a-okay). However, a majority of fashion bloggers that I follow, aren't full time students or full time bloggers. It is a lot easier to wear something crazy when all you are doing is running outside to take some pictures and then heading back to your place to sit in your house. Its another story when you wear something crazy and then walk into your 9-5 desk job. I never just put something on to take pictures of it. What I wear in my pictures, I actually wear out into the world, into my office of mostly men who comment on the fact that I'm dressed up.

Shey said...

I liked what you said about your blog not being a magazine! Regardless of what some people might think I love your style because it's simple and you know something? After seeing so many cute bloggers everywhere showing off the amazing looking outfits I just like to see someone that looks cute but still simple, someone I can see that dresses like a normal person, it's very refreshing. Your outfits inspire me because they are perfect for workdays. Lately I've been playing a lot with my style but once I head back to work I won't be able to wear much of what I wear now. I will need something more work appropriate but still cute, like you wear. Like someone said above I can't imagine some of the bloggers going to work the way the show on the blog! That would be totally unprofessional. So keep up your posts, I really love them.

Florendia said...

Which streets is this anonymous reader walking in? Because if the majority of the girls in the streets of Athens had lopi's sense of style, this city would be a prettier place to live in:)

joanaddicted said...

wow. really enjoyed the anonymous comment, your post-answer and the comments.
First of all, listening is really important. Even if we don't have a signated speaker on the other side of the table. So, you did great by giving such importance to a single anonymous comment.
And then.. it's all about how people see things so differently.. It doesn't feel exciting when we post something really simple, it's true! So, the anonymous has a point. A good one.
The sure thing is that we are not rock stars or movie stars or astronauts or whatever. Extraordinary styles exist if someone needs that kind of inspiration, but not necessarily in these pages. In these pages, i find the personal style statements and feelings and everyday thoughts of a seriously kind and sweet girl. (Plus, an architect one - respect!) And this makes my day often enough.
On the other hand, yes i'd prefer more rock'n'roll crazy shit in all blogs i'm checking out, and of course in mine too. But i'd be a sick liar if i'd do and post so, cause my life is not crazy rock'n'roll all the time!
I'm so happy for you that your readers (and most importantly anonymous ones) have so high expectations from you and you're trying not to let them down.
So, ordinary or not, this is your blog, her blog, his blog, my blog.. etc etc etc...

Unknown said...

This post you just made is very insightful, sometimes we just need to stop and think for a minute, what's the purpose of all of this?

I kind of get what the girl wanted to say, but blogging is a way of expression and everybody has a right to express themselves with whatever form they like. I don't understand why we should be 'barred' by some rules, when it comes to fashion, or even fashion blogging, to be more precise.

I think you're outfit was kinda cute. Especially the 2nd one.

On the other hand, a blog is an open space for anyone, which means that anyone can comment on anything. So, people criticize and we have to accept it whether we agree with it or not.

Anyway, I think your reaction was very classy.

Athena :)

katoula said...

asxetws an exei dikio autos o anwnumos anagnwsths h oxi, mpravo sou pou afierwses ena post sto na ekshghseis kapoia pragmata. Ta les polu kala, kseka8ara, apla kai omorfa. Pisteuw kai egw oti ena blog den xreiazetai na fainetai oti einai kati pou den einai sthn pragmatikothta. O ka8enas exei to diko tou stul- apo ekei kai pera, auto se kapoious aresei kai se kapoious oxi. Kapoioi to vriskoun super, kapoioi alloi vareto. Etsi paei! Omws auto se kamia periptwsh den prepei na mas kanei na amfisvhthsoume ton eauto mas- as to paroume upopshn, as to epeksergastoume, kai as proxwrhsoume me perissoterh autopepoi8hsh sto mellon!

annie said...

katalavaino ayto pou leei i anagnostria gia tin ebnefsi, typou susie bubble opos les esy. Prosopika m aresei na xazevo arketa ayta ta blogs me ta weird outfits opos "Sea of Shoes", "the glamourai" etc

Jo said...

Οι άνθρωποι που ντύνονται, βάφονται, ψωνίζουν, προσλαμβάνουν φωτογράφους για να βγουν έξω και απλά να φωτογραφηθούν για το μπλογκ τους και να λάβουν κολακευτικά σχόλια είναι απλά θλιβεροί.Είναι οι ίδιοι που δεν έχουν προσωπικό στυλ και απλά ψωνίζουν κάθε season όλο το zara και το h'n'm΄(αλλά copy paste). Το μπλογκ του καθενός είναι προσωπικό και μπορεί να ανεβάζει ότι θέλει, αν θέλει να βγει με τη πιτζάμα, να βγει με την πιτζάμα. Σε βρήκα πολύ ειλικρινή και γενναία να θέσεις τέτοιο σχόλιο υπό συζήτηση. Συνέχισε έτσι.

efi said...

ο λόγος που σπάνια ανεβάζω άουτφιτ φωτογραφίες είναι αυτός, τα ρούχα μου μου φαίνονται απλά, καθημερινά, "ανάξια" να γίνουν ποστ. από την άλλη μου αρέσει πάρα πολύ να βλέπω καθημερινά ντυσίματα στα μπλογκ, άουτφιτ που μπορώ κι εγώ να κάνω, να αντιγράψω. προτιμώ για παράδειγμα την tokyobanhbao από την betty.
το δικό σου μπλογκ εκτός από inspiration για μένα λειτουργεί λίγο και σαν οδηγός αγοράς: βλέπω τι κυκλοφορεί στα μαγαζιά και αποφασίζω αν αξίζει να κάνω μια βόλτα ή όχι.
και τέλος, όχι, δεν ντύνεται η πλειοψηφία όπως εσύ. προσωπικά βλέπω πολλή κακογουστιά εκεί έξω, με υπερφορτωμένα ή υπερβολικά στυλιζαρισμένα ντυσίματα.

Sookie said...

Συμφωνώ απολυτα με την Εφη. Δεν εχω δικο μου blog(ισως ακριβως επειδη βρισκω τα outfits μου αρκετα απλά) , ομως μου αρεσει να τα παρακολουθω.Κι ενω με εντυπωσιαζουν καποια extravagant fashion blogs , τελικα παντα προτιμω τα πιο "down to earth" blogs που εχουν και πιο 'καθημερινα' συνολα.Λειτουργουν πολυ περισσοτερο σαν εμπνευση για μενα.

Srenna said...

Hi Lopi,

You have a wonferful sense of style. Your outfits may be simple sometimes, but they are always charming and representive of your spirit.

Vera said...

Hi Lopi,

I'm a bit behind on my blog following, hence the late comment. Just wanted to say your outfit posts are actually why I enjoy reading your blog. Nothing wrong with cute, simple and flattering clothes!

It's quite refreshing to see wearable outfits on a fashion blog. You look great, so keep them coming!

Alessia said...

Μπραβο σου γι'αυτο το ποστ!και συμφωνω ΑΠΟΛΥΤΑ μαζι σου!το blog σου είναι από τα πιο ειλικρινη που εχω διαβασει και γιάυτο ειμαι τακτικη αναγνωστρια!εγω προσωπικα εμπνεομαι πολυ απο τη δουλεια σου,ακομα κι αν ειναι μια απλη φωτογραφία με φουστα και μπαλαρινες!
και στην τελική,το καθε blog έχει το δικο του υφος,χαρακτηρα και στυλ!διαφορετικα,ολοι θα γραφαμε και θα ποσταραμε τα ιδια και δεν θα ειχε νοημα πλεον!!
σε παρακαλω να συνεχισεις ετσι!!!