Monday 4 July 2011

H&M Winter collections

fashionarchitect.net_hm_winter_2011_08fashionarchitect.net_hm_winter_2011_013I decided to treat this cloudy July day (come on now, we're in Greece dammit) as an great opportunity to post about the H&M winter collection preview that took place several weeks ago.

Great stuff, really loving the 70's vibe.

If you too have fallen in love with a certain shoe or bag, worry not, you probably won't have to wait till the first autumn showers. Most of the stuff above will roll around H&M stores during the summer months.


Mairyliscious said...

τι πανεμορφα τριανταφυλλα !

Estella said...

ti teleies photos!

Leinti nti said...

παρακαλώ οι φωτό με τα καναπεδάκια να απαγορευθούν :) πολύ όμορφη φούστα (η πολύχρωμη)

Vanda said...

ta thelo OLA!!!!!!

Natasha said...

love those black & white 'gangsters' shoe :) they remind me the '30 fashion and Hollywood divas :)

mairi pappa said...

pws mporeses na deis ayta ta rouxa stin elleda se proskalesan?

Lopi said...

@mairi pappa
ναι, κάθε σεζόν η H&M κάνει ένα event για fashion bloggers, για να δούμε την καινούργια συλλογή στο showroom :)
(το κακό είναι βέβαια ότι ερωτευόμαστε τα ρούχα και δεν μπρούμε να τα πάρουμε)