Monday 11 July 2011

Spots and stripes

Firetrap multi-stripe oversized cotton knit
€15.74 (original price €65.60)

French Connection spot cap-sleeve t-shirt
9.18 (original price €39.36)

Both were bought from ASOS late last summer, during the sales.

Oh, how I love to hit a sale when it's really low and then wear my cute new stuff next year with pride. Yes sir, I am a patient person who doesn't care for instant gratification when one sees a good bargain. Colour won't go off.

Shopping ahead of the season rules.


katoula said...

Well, patience is a great virtue- even if it means to wait a year for wearing a piece! I wish I could be more like this-this way I would cherish my clothes even for a longer time!

A BRIT GREEK said...

Great scores! You're probably aware of the current 70% off at asos then?!

Happy shopping lovely!


Vanda said...

Great finds!!! I LOVE spots (see my last post) and I LOVE stripes (in most of my posts!!!)

Tiffany said...

who doesn't love sales? pretty shirts, jsut perfect for summer, especially a greek one!

Call me M said...

I love spots and I love stripes! Both amazing pieces! Congrats on your patience! :)

Michelle Lee said...

love these finds :)

Marella said...

Amazing garments and great blog!
Following! Follow back? <3

Inspiration partout said...

I love bargains!!I really like the French Connection T-shirt!