Wednesday 27 July 2011

Kiehl's goodies and news

These are the Kiehl's goodies that were sent to me as a thank-you for the Creating with Kiehl's for a Cause project.

Loved the packaging, and summer is a great time to give them a hard test on my sea-and-sun tortured self.

This is also a great chance to mention Kiehl's Gives, a new charity initiative that was launched by Kiehl's last month, giving out $160.000 to charities.
The concept is that you have the power to vote for a specific greater cause - and related charity - that means the most about you.

Check out the site for much more info plus the short videos where Julianne Moore, Pharrell Williams and the Scissor Sisters state which cause is closer to their hearts and why.

1 comment:

A BRIT GREEK said...

You have to embrace what goodness Khiels do... Wishing more mega beauty/cosmetics coporations could do the same.

What can I say, Creme de corps - love it!!!