Sunday 27 April 2008

Embarassing girlcrush alert

I think many of us in the fashion-blog reading crowd have at one point drooled over liebemarlen's outfits. She is just too sweet for words and I really feel for her when she has to part with those amazing vintage finds in her e-bay store. But business is business, the world is cruel and most importantly, she gives us the chance to own such cuteness ourselves! Until this morning , this was my favorite picture of her: red skirt, blue short-sleeved mini trench, white top with red buttons (how Minnie Mouse of her) and yellow t-bars. Along with those amazing auburn tresses, cuteness personified!
But as a mentioned, this morning I payed a visit to her blog looking for some eye-candy and that is exactly what I found:
The skirt is mere perfection. It is exactly what I want right now! And the way she wears the t-shirt, I think she just gave life to the myriad t-shirts I have dating since junior high that I can't bear to give away, but are too short to wear as are. Instant solution: wear with high-waist cute skirt and tuck in! But, the thank-you's for liebemarlen don't stop here. Both outfits wouldn't look so much put-together (in my humble opinion) without those perfect mustard-yellow t-bar round toe pumps by Jeffrey Campbell. Unfortunately, the only ones left on (thank you once again for the link, you really are a person who likes to share, really appreciate that) are size 37. (sigh) Too small.

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