Thursday 10 April 2008

First post

Ok, first things first. The disclaimer: I'm by no means an expert in fashion. Or in architecture for that part. However, I do have a personal opinion and a mighty strong one, as I have been told before. I also have been told that maybe I should sometimes keep that opinion to myself, but I haven't really been able to master that either. So, now that we have all this covered, lets get to the serious stuff.
I have been coveting these babies from Wonders since I first saw them in the March issue of Lucky magazine. I think yellow can look really edgy, despite it being such an obvious spring/summer colour. And since I bought my brown mid-heeled Wonders boots on this year's winter sales (great quality leather and 60% off) I must say I became a Wonders convert. Their shoes aren't cheap but they are sooo comfortable! Like the other comfy shoes go-to spanish label Camper, they give good quality with quirky design, but their shoes are less chunky and more grown-up.
So, since they appeared in fore mentioned glossy, I have been stalking the store that stocks them here in Volos like a madwoman. In my third visit there I was sadly informed that all the summer designs by Wonders had already arrived and my yellow shoes weren't among the chosen ones. The sorrow. Staring at the shop window pointlessly, trying to forget and move on I saw those:
Ladies, I present you the "Laura" by Camper. At €125 they sure aren't cheap, but they're worth it. I instantly fell in love with the combination of utilitarian design with a wooden wedge toped with the most perfect shade of grey leather. All this perfection topped with the fact that they are so damned comfortable that I truly believe won't let them off my feet the whole summer make me a truly happy architect!

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Nena. said...

επειδη νομιζω ειναι η κακια μοιρα και των πιο πετυχημενων blog να μην εχουν σχολια στα πρωτο post "παταω ποδι" και θα πω καλοταξιδοοοο να ειναιιιι κ τι ομορφο κιτρινοοοο!!!!
-φανηκαν ολα εξ αρχης!