Tuesday 22 April 2008

What' s wrong with me?

It's been a week since my last post and boy, what a hectic week!
Worked on my final thesis for architecture school, made a road trip from Volos to Athens, participated in two graffiti events, picked my boyfriend from the airport returning from NY (me? jealous? no!) and took a plane to my hometown for the greek orthodox Easter holidays. And yes, shopping. Lots of it, but in a weird way. Weird because in two days I bought four (4) pair of shoes. Let me explain.
I never thought of myself as a shoe person. You know, when celebrities and famous fashionistas get asked what their obsession is roughly 90% percent of them respond "shoes". With a fake guilty voice, of course. I never managed to relate. Just clothes always did it for me. Since high school I had - in chronological order - a trousers obsession, a skirt obsession, a trousers obsession again, a coat obsession and for the last two or three years, a lingering dress obsession. And now I find myself going around Zara juggling two pairs of platforms and a pair of gladiator sandals all at once for me to try on. And no clothes hangers. Well, even if it feels weird for me , it is a happy fact that I did buy four fabulous pair of shoes. I' d love to share my joy with you via photos, but right now I am in the island of Samos in the Aegean Sea and only one of my new finds managed the trip.
Red wedges from Zara:

The rest will be photographed and posted upon my return in a week. Until then, expect photos of nice vintage stuff I hope to get from gradma!

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