Tuesday 29 April 2008

The vermuda triangle of vintage

Long story short: there are almost zero vintage/thrift/second hand shops here in Greece. The main reason is the mentality of greek people regarding the issue of clothing that once belonged to someone else. It is considered filthy and unwanted, and suitable only for the really poor. The whole attitude is summoned upon the sentence why would anyone sane ever buy used clothing when they can afford new? I certainly don't agree and I believe things will probably start changing sooner or later.

So until that day comes, and while I am still in my family house for the greek-orthodox Easter holidays, I convinced my mum to show me all the old clothes she had kept, those she wore when she was my age. And a bit smaller than my size, as I found out. She kept them in an unreachable cupboard, in really beautiful old leather suitcases (but that's another story). I found some real treasures in there. Some really nice dresses, two great belts and the tiered skirt you see here. I wanted to photograph them all and show everyone, but almost everything needed a good wash or dry clean and an ironing first, so that didn't work out. So, I confess that the reason I just did just the skirt is because it shows no wrinkles. I paired it with my staples, a simple white vest from H&M and my grandma's vintage green belt. Hey, three generations in one simple outfit!

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