Saturday 21 June 2008

DIY bikini

Hey, wanna learn how to make your own two-piece bathing suit? The nice people at Expert Village found just the person to show us how and made a series of tutorial videos.
In this free video series, expert Jennifer Crow from Wedgie Wear shows you how to design and make your own custom, triangle-top bikini. She covers patterns and fabrics, spandex and elastic, and much more. You will learn how to cut the bottoms, how to hem the edges, sew on a waistband, fit the elastic into the edges, and how to make it all trimmed and professional-looking. You will also learn how to design the triangle tops, how to sew straps and create professional hems, and how to line or pad the spandex.
She does use a serger at the beginning, but I'm sure it's possible to use just a simple sewing machine and lots of patience. Now, if only I could find the time!

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