Tuesday 24 June 2008

Eco fabulus

I just spent a good couple of hours - that will be inevitably subtracted from my sleep allowance - going through the archives of Haute Nature blog. It's both about crafting ideas and tips on being "green" as well as fashion, or "trashion" as the eco-aware crowd like to call it. Suits me just fine. Look what I found:
bag made from recycled leather
bench/coffee table made from old (fashion?) magazines
bangles and coin purse made from crocheted plastic bags, for those of us who still haven't started using reusable bags and still bring that $h!t home from the supermarket


Jessie said...

That bag is to die for... absolutely love it!

Anonymous said...

πολύ ωραίο το coffee table..μια καλή ίδεα για μένα που έχω χιλιάδες περιοδικά σπίτι!
don't worry,όταν είναι να τα πετάξω τα πάω για ανακύκλωση φυσικά :)