Wednesday 25 March 2009

Two days ago... was Monday. My camera was going through a phase where it thought it was a Polaroid (check the jeans picture, no Poladroid editing took place) and yes, I actually wore jeans.

Dark wash high-waisted jeans, ZARA. Grey knit sweater, BERSHKA. Blue and white scarf, BERSHKA. Necklaces, BULL&BEAR. Black ballet flats, CAMPER.

Spring is always challenging for me, fashion-wise. I never know exactly when to put away my tights and go barelegged in my skirts and dresses, so there's always an awkward transitional period where I inevitably turn over to jeans. Which I hate. So, I'd like to do a mini survey and decide once and for all when it's time.

When do you start going barelegged?

Does it have to do with temperature, say "once it hits 20C"?
Is it a certain date, like "after May 1st"?
Do you have a transitional period, when you decide differently each day by checking the weather beforehand?
Or, is it pure instinct?

Help please?


Marietta said...

I'm putting away tights at the end of the uni exams.I need to be really warm and feel that the summer came!Actually, in the meantime I avoid wearing dresses and shorts :P.I stick to jeans!And the weird thing, is that when it's the first time I go out barelegged I feel almost naked and it's awkward!
I love the "Polaroid" pic!

Anna M. said...

I go barelegged when

1) It is spring


2) The day's low temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit...which is like 4 or 5 degrees Celsius.

Anonymous said...

Εξαρτάται...πρέπει να έχει πολύ καλό καιρό...Γιατί ούτως ή άλλως τα παπούτσια που φοράω χωρίς καλτσάκια είναι πέδιλα και σαγιονάρες. Αυτά δεν τα φοράς πολύ νωρίς έτσι κι αλλιώς. Άρα με το που αρχίσω να φοράω καλοκαιρινά, τότε αφήνω στην άκρη και τις κάλτσες. Μπορώ να πω πόσο τέλειο είναι το μπλε καλσόν με τις μαύρες μπαλαρίνες? Ααααχ...αν είχα όποια μπαλαρίνα μου γυάλιζε, δεν θα χωρούσανε στο σπίτι μου!

SinotheDivine said...

you look great in jeans...checking the weather and follow your instict too because you can't never base on E.M.Y...

irini said...

After April 25th I paint my toe-nails and start wearing my sandals no matter what's going on with the weather!

At the moment I have put away the heavy coats and the opaque tights and go barelegged. I haven't wore a pair of jeans since 2006! Oh, the horror!

K@terina B. said...

I have no idea pote exactly vgazw tis kaltsesk ta kaltson, alla prepei na sou pw oti otan olos o kosmos den foraei egw exw mia edoni epithumia na foresw, kai otan arxizei na foraei, to fall, egw thelw desperately na vgw barelegged!!! wacky bee!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love this. A rules question!

I'd never go bare-legged before April 15, but it's so cold here that isn't even a possibility. It also needs to be at least 50 degrees F. I chill easily. ;)

For transitional periods, I swap out opaque tights for patterns and sheers. No need to resort to jeans if you hate 'em.

ShoppingTherapy said...

it's early to wear sandals or flip flops, just yesterday it was about to rain. I think I'll wait till official spring (May that is)

Cynthia said...

Well,I usually go out bare-legged at the end of April (when I'm in Greece) or at the end of May (when I'm in Central Europe), but I guess it depends on one's opinion,because even today I spotted several bare-legged girls outside. Speaking of jeans, my ex-boss used to hate them, so I had just replaced them with colored cotton trousers :)

Christines memory said...

Loved that top and scarf together!
Nice colores:)

Unknown said...

όταν τα πουλόβερ μπαίνουν στην άκρη...και βγαίνουν οι πιο ανοιξιάτικες ζακέτες και τα ζέρσει πουλοβεράκια...τότε φοράω μπαλαρίνες χωρίς καλτσόν. ακριβώς γιατί κι εγώ το θεωρώ νωρίς να βγω με σαγιονάρα. με μπαλαρίνα όμως μπορείς να βγεις αρκετά νωρίτερα χωρίς καλτσόν. στο κάτω κάτω το δοκιμάζεις μια μέρα, έχοντας τα καλτσάκια στην τσάντα σου! ;)