Friday 12 June 2009

And the winners are

nenyaki from Sweden for the bag brooch

efi from Greece for the spider brooch

love and youth from the Netherlands for the ribbon brooch

Congratulations girls!

I have to admit that being at work, writing all your names on little pieces of paper and finding a bowl big enough for it to contain them was out of the question, so I used this random generator, which promises "true randomness", whatever that is. So if you won, please send me an email with your address at lopilopiatlivedotcom, so I can send you your brooches. And just saying, the rest of my readers and me expect inspirational outfit pictures of you wearing them. Enjoy!


Nenyaki : ) said...


I truly loved this brooch! And yeah, ok, I promise to send you an outfit picture as soon as I get it ;)

Thanks so much!

Mirka said...

thanks, i love the brooch!! x