Friday, 5 June 2009

Molto Attrattivo

Oh, how I hate keeping things from you, lovely readers!
But alas, I had my reasons... I was waiting for the right moment and the right moment is now.

Here's how the story goes:
A while ago my friend Eva, who owns Faltso boutique in Samos, called. She said she had sent the link to my green A.L.E. dress post to the Attrattivo team and they wanted to meet me! Enter really loud heartbeat and silent scream. A few days later, I received a call with directions and set out to visit the company's facilities in Metamorfosi.

Gotta tell you, I felt like a complete impostor sitting there at the amazing waiting area, trying to distract myself with MAD TV and random "I wonder how how they did this" thoughts about the wall decoration. Soon afterwards, I was met by Christiana, the girl Eva had spoke about me to, and Tonia, the company's marketing manager, and soon we were deep into conversation. It's lovely having people in the fashion industry show interest in the world of fashion bloggers, and the Attrattivo girls seemed really eager to hear all my rumbling.

But what good is a visit to my favourite company's headquarters, if there are no clothes involved, right?

And boy, there where clothes there! Observe above, the main showroom. Shop owners visit the company and choose whatever garments they think will cater to their customers best. That's why sometimes you go to a store and you find nothing nice, whereas other shops are like goldmines! It's all down to the owner's taste. And that's why I shop at Eva...

Moving on, how effing gorgeous are those sandals? If you are not convinced, wait till you see the back:

How about now? Love an exposed zipper!

And guess what, they also have window examples and had the green A.L.E. dress paired with the exact same shoes I wore it with, in my visit to Faltso. Great minds think alike...

Speaking of the shoes, I remember those caused quite the commotion to many commenters in my post back then, so I managed to get some better shots to show you that they are indeed amazing.

And wait till you see the side detail.

I'm amazed with myself that I didn't grab them and run for dear life... I suppose you have realised by now that I felt like a kid in a candy shop, who just couldn't keep itself from tasting some of the candy.
The first thing I tried on was this dress. On the hanger, it strongly reminded me of my two other favourite dresses by A.L.E. that I got last summer. Christiana told me that when a certain design is very popular, they try to reinterpret it in a new garment the following year. Wise move I say. Anyway, when I put it on, it seemed too short for what I normally go for, so I kept myself from adding it to my collection. Totally recommend it though.

Christiana and Tonia were very helpful and patient and even offered to help me browse through the endless rails of Attrattivo and A.L.E. clothes in the showroom. I realised Christiana totally got my taste, when she presented me with this amazing A.L.E. tank top. Too simple you say?

Look closer! It has a black spray-paint print on the side. Really, I can't imagine anything cooler than that and you know I'm totally into mixing fashion with graffiti elements. Remember that graffiti print dress by Moschino Cheap & Chic I had posted about one year ago? Well, this top is sooooo much better! And it came home with me.

The last thing I tried on was quite controversial... I was browsing through a rail of maxi boho dresses, when I pulled out a hanger with something black. Before I realised it was a jumpsuit, Christiana blurted out "Oh, I have this one! It's amazing, it's like the most comfortable thing I've ever put on!" Needless to say I was at least intrigued and just had to try it on. Want to hear the verdict, dear readers? It really is the most comfortable thing ever! And its merits don't stop there: It's also cute, figure-forgiving, has pockets (thumps up for that) and - as we are practical people here and pay attention to details - I checked the neck tie and can confirm that it is really easy to pull the string over your neck and down, if you want to *ahem* use the little girls' room.
You'll see more of it soon, as I got that one too!

Overall, it was an amazing and quite surreal day. Thank you Tonia (left) and Christiana (right) for this amazing opportunity, for your kind gifts and for your gifts to my readers.

Yes, you read this correctly. The girls at Attrattivo have given me gifts for you!

More specifically, three amazing brooches:
All you have to do is leave a comment here, and I will pick one winner in random, a week from now. You may also tell me which one you like best, so maybe I can match the winners with their brooch of choice. And I can ship abroad too, so international readers are also welcome to participate.

I will be going away tomorrow for a long weekend with friends, so I'll be back to blogging on Tuesday.

Good luck to everyone!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a totally dreamy experience. And count me in for the giveaway!

naiad said...

i do love attrativo. the brooches are amazing- but i have to admit-lately i find them a bit overpriced

Nenyaki : ) said...

Woooooow, girl's heaven!

I just love the style of attrativo clothes!

There used to be an attrativo shop in the area where I live in Stockholm, but it closed some time ago... :(

Please count me in for the little purse brooch!

mademoiselle myrtilo. said...

wow i was never into jumpsuits but this one is really great!and it suits you a lot!man i really should go shopping...oh and i almost forgot:count me in for the giveaway!

Hari K said...

ta flat mayra pedila einai teleia!! thimasai timi?
lucky you girl! i'm so proud of you!!!!go lopi go lopiiii!!!!!!
and the attrativo waiting room was soo amazing! that wall was so inspired and inspiring!

so..if i'm lucky enough i would pic the green bag! fingers crossed! =)

eleni said...

that would have been sooo awesome! lucky! love the jumpsuit btw, i want one so bad!

*Constance said...

wow!!!U are a lucky girl!!!sooo lucky!!!and I love those brown heels, it's strange 4 me, they are so eccentric. I can only hope for the green little bag/purse brooch..

Princess Margot said...

I love this brand too!!!!!!

Amazing that you went there!

Please count me for the little spider!!!


Christiana said...

count me in for the little green bag too!

is there any oppotunity of you contributing to the brand?

Staraki said...

Looks like a one and only experience Lopi, congrats!!! I wish you'll have more and more chances like this one and even go much further!!
The jumpsuit looks amazing though i was never into this "fashion trend", not even thinking of trying on one! but now i surely might! ;) But the one i fell in love with was the sandals!! i have spotted them from your previous post but this full frame pic and the amaaaazing heel.... love at first sight!!!! i hope i find it and like it on me as well!

oh and since you will be doing the draw, count me in please for the third or second brooch! i love them all but the last one i would say is my favorite!

Wanderlusting said...

OMG - those sandals! That dress...aaaah, I would be in HEAVEN!!!! Lucky lucky girl.

And lucky readers, yay!

Antoinette said...

The sandals with exposed back zip are fabulous, and so is the spray paint top! I'd love to be in the drawing. I like all the brooches but the black one is prob. my favorite by at least a little bit.

efi said...

so lucky!
count me in for the giveaway (for the second brooch,looks like a spider or something)

kathemc(at)gmail(dot)com said...

Love them! First choice would be the ribbon, then the bag, then the spindly one. I LOVE those brown sandals you found -- amazing!

Κατερίνα said...

Τα ρούχα Attrattivo έχουν καταφέρει να ξεχωρίσουν κ κάθε χρόνο γίνονται κ καλύτερα..όσο κ για τιμές τους είναι πολύ καλές υπολογίζοντας πάντα κ την φοβερή ποιότητα των ρούχων.

Υ.Γ. Η επιλογή της Ιωάννας Πηλίχου για το promotion ήταν τέλεια...

Mairyliscious said...

YOU KNOW WHAT ?every day of your life is amazing !!and every time you surprise me ....!
well done !!! i love the flat sandals ....really do you remember the price ? i ll check the store if they have them in my island...!

yasemin said...

really a good day for you!!
I liked the third one, like a blue flower.
hope to win:)

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

That looks like such a fun time! That wall--covered in branches??? looks so cool.

DaisyChain said...

wow, what an oppurtunity!

christalenergy said...

The shoes are amazing, both sandals and high heels...I had no idea Attrativo had so cool designs in shoes, I hadn't seen them..ever..even though I visit the store from time to time and I do possess several stuff, mainly from A.L.E. collection.So, thanks for that!I 'll sure go and try them out hopping to be comfy as well as nice.And the giveaways are sweeties... ;)

natalie said...

Oh wow, this seems like an amazing day! The showroom looks like heaven, and I love the sandals!

Count me in for the giveaway! I love brooches and I especially like the 2nd and the 3rd one.


Raquel said...

oh you're lucky girl!
the bag brooche is the prettiest! and so is the jumpsuit you tried! oh and those wedges! dream!

Jenny said...

The bag-pin, pick me!jaja

Thalia said...

you must have had an amazing time!!!
the t-shirt looks great as well, i would definitely buy it!!!!
and the shoes oh the shoes...they look even better from the side...seriously considering buying them and seriously admiring you for not running with them... ;-)

K@terina B. said...

Lucky Lopi!!!!!

Marietta said...

Lopi!!I love the jumpsuit on you, especially with these sandals!!The shoes are all amazing,wooo!

Mirka said...

oh great post, you are a lucky girl! the brooches too x

Lindsay said...

I love the ribbon brooch. I'm so jealous of your trip, I'm glad you had a good time!

pennyfarthing said...

I love the ribbon brooch!

Also, those brown shoes are really amazing.

irini said...

The blue ribbon brooch is absolutely stunning, please count me in!!!

Mairyliscious said...

lopaki giati dn mporw na mpw sto ermou mag??

ToKataifi said...

latrepsa ta sandals-idika afta me tn leptomeria tou fermouar sto piso meros-ktis karfitses...treees cute!

ShoppingTherapy said...

looks like you had a great day!
don't count me in for the giveaway though, because believe it or not I actually bought the purse brooch along with my attrativo coat back in the season. it was right there looking so cute, i grabbed it without thinking, lol

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! The jumpsuit suits you perfectly! I bought it too! My mother was excited!!! Count me in for the giveaway!!

Efthymia said...

Sooooo proud ;-)
Plllllzzzzz count me in!! :-P
Thanks!:-) (my favourite is the bag)

Mode Junkie said...

am i too late for this already? want that purse brooch! ;)

Chloe In The Sky said...

I love the bag one!
count me in :)
take care

Anonymous said...

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