Wednesday 13 January 2010

Skeletons you won't mind having in your closet

A.Y. Not Dead Skeleton Tee Dress
€61.62 NOW €30.81

Richard Sorger For ASOS Flamingo Skeleton
€147.89 NOW €82.57

Richard Sorger For ASOS Skeleton Arm T-Shirt
€117.08 NOW €65.32

Richard Sorger For ASOS Jersey Shirt Dress With Gibbon Skeleton
€172.53 NOW €86.27

Oh, the ASOS sale! Are skeleton tees the evolution of the - totally overdone - skull scarf? Who cares, right? They are gorgeous!

I'm still standing strong though. Just looking, not shopping, at least on-line... I do have one order from Ruche, placed before the holidays, still waiting for me to collect it from the post office, but that's it!

How are you holding on?


efi said...

i manage not to shop any clothes during the holidays-just books and some presents. as long as i stay away from the shops,i think i'm ok :P ( yes i'm trying to shop less, like thaleia...)

ShoppingTherapy said...

overspent through holidays/really glad with the stuff i bought/ try to enjoy them now/ turned into 'home accessories' shopping instead

daisychain said...

Oh I love these tees!

Anonymous said...

With my birthday coming up this weekend, I'm having a bit of a spree right now. ;)

natalie said...

Love the flamingo skeleton!

battered couture said...

the first one is indeed gorgeous.

the1015lab said...

:) hey, I was planning to do the exact same post yesterday (with different clothes though!) switched it for skulls instead! Love the bone tees!

is this fashion? said...

kalimera!Love these dresses!! I really like the last one!!
is this fashion?

Mika's Fashion said...

mmm... who knows? i might wear them.

moody allen said...

αη γουντεν'τ μαηντ, ηδερ..