Friday 5 February 2010

ZARA winter sales haul

This is my Zara loot from this season's sales. Just my Zara loot, that is. I also scored numerous things from other shops, which are still to be posted. I have to start from somewhere, right?


Grey mélange cropped sleeve sweater
Made from really fine, 100% wool fabric with zero itchiness. I don't know how they did that, probably magic. It is the sweater you saw me trying on inside a Zara fitting room back then.

Graphic print t-shirt
Only after I got home, I realised that the greenish-black graphic print I initially thought was totally abstract, is actually the picture of a pug. I'm more of a cat person, but I'll try to ignore that fact for the sake this t-shirt.

And have I mentioned the back is made of grey knit fabric? Yes.

Magenta sweater
The label says 70% silk, 20% cotton, 10% cashmere. That means it's so soft I want to sleep with my face buried in it. It also means I'll probably have to wash it by hand, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. Plus, it's the perfect shape: Loose enough for my liking, a nice V-neck (not too wide, neither too deep) and cropped sleeves that mean I can wear it with my button-downs, with their sleeves casually pulled up. Thinking of librarian-chic outfits already.

Extra long camel cardigan
I own this cardi in anthracite grey as well (barely seen here) and once again, it was its softness, along with the easy-to-wear cafe au lait colour, that won me over. Well, at 70% silk and 30% cotton you can't go wrong. And yes, I admit I have an obsession with fine, soft fabrics.

Beige canvas cropped jacket
This was a totally compulsive buy, but one I'm not gonna regret, me thinks. I have avoided cropped jackets for so long, positively sure that they just don't flatter me, and only recently it downed me that I was just DOING IT WRONG! Expect many style experiments with this, come spring.


Charcoal grey masculine-look slacks
I love to use the word "slacks" instead of the american "pants" or the british"trousers". I first came upon this word while reading Lolita, where in the first chapter it reads "she was Lola in slacks". Mind you, I only understood its meaning after a couple dozen pages. Anyway, I got these slacks a size up on purpose, to make them look even more laid-back and masculine. Androgyny is on my to-do list this spring.

Light grey wide-leg slacks
Much alike the above pair, this one is actually a lot lighter both in matters of colour and fabric density, so it will have to wait another couple of months. But, when worn, man I tell you, it's so Great Gatsby-ish, I get a compulsion to hide my liquor.

Charcoal grey flannel shorts
Erhhm, yes. These a shorts. Made from flannel. Shorts for winter. I'm not sure if this experiment will succeed, but I'm willing to give it a try. Maybe with an oversized sweater, wool knee-high socks and wellies? Cause I'm adventurous like that.

Black jersey maxi skirt
I haven't done the maxi skirt thing for a decade. And even back then, it was denim. Which I'm not sure actually if it's supposed to be a good thing or something that I should never mention again here. BUT, I actually didn't buy this one to wear it as a skirt. The elasticized waist is the perfect width to fit my chest, so it will make a great loose strapless summer dress, belt and all. Nice.


Grey suede ballet flats with silver studs
I know I already have too many ballet flats. And too many grey shoes. BUT I love and wear them all, hence they're destined to fall apart. So, when I can get real leather suede grey ballet flats for 10 euros down from 40, why say no?

Brownish grey leather boots
I'm in love with these. I was skeptical at first, as at 25% off they were still a bit expensive, but I went ahead and bought them anyway and have been wearing them almost every single day since. I just love the colour, the quality, the calf height, the metal details and well, quite about everything about them!


Yes, I know this is lots of stuff. After big hauls like this one, I tend to stand back looking at all the carrier bags and wonder "gee, I did it again, didn't I?" But then, I remember that almost three quarters of my wardrobe consist of stuff I once got on sale for 20, 50 even 75% off. Without the sales I wouldn't be able to own my Chie Mihara heels, Camber kicks and Vialis sandals, my trusty Inci boots, my floral-lined Insight coat, my Luella clutch and just about everything I continually wear and love. The sales have always been a tool for me to build up my wardrobe to a point where I can say with certainty that I have all my basics covered. That way, I tend to only buy stuff when I need to replace something I wear really often and is bound to be destroyed, when I see a real bargain or when I want - and afford - to make a designer investment.

I love the sales. The rest of my sale buys are to be posted soon...


anastasia said...

megeia!!! an kai leipei ligo xroma akoma nomizo! alla eimai sigouri oti tha ta sindiaseis me zontania!

Lopi said...

I know, I know, πολύ γκρι έπεσε, αλλά έχω πάθει μια μονομανία με αυτό το χρώμα. Πάει με όλα!

Anonymous said...

Great Post. So glad i helped you pick some of those, so sad i'll never see you wearing them

ShoppingTherapy said...

so many! new stuff can only make you happy

Elena said...

I'm obsessed with grey as well!
Lovely buys Lopi! Especially the t-shirt with the doggy!!! So cute!

anastasia said...

νομίζω το γκρι είναι μια χαρά αν το συνδυάσεις με άλλα χρώματα! και πολύ βολικό γιατί πάει σχεδόν με όλα! Σ'ευχαριστώ για το κατατοπιστικό σχόλιο! θα το κρατήσω!

efi said...

με γειαααα! nice buys, especially the shoes!

daisychain said...

Um wow, what a haul!

Vali said...

Megia. Einai ola teleia. Alla nomizo pos tha simfoniso me ta pio pano sxolia. Ligo xromataki parapano to xreiazesai gia na zontanepseis to mounto xeimona. Alla milao ki ego pou oti rouxo exo parei einai gkri kai mauro...

Raquel said...

ahh most of my closet is from Zara too! great buys lopi, cashmere, silk, wool! really really great finds!

fashionist__ahead said...

oloi agapoun tis ekptwseis...egw perimenw na paw 9essaloniki gia na pswnisw,gt apo tn agora twn iwanninwn dn perimenw polla...tespa...m aresei polu i mwv k oi mpalarines...

Mode Junkie said...

awesome haul! :) i had my share of the zara sale too. friggin awesome.

Thalia said...

pls donate something to my project!!!!
i am kidding!!!!!!!