Saturday 24 April 2010

7ply opening party

The opening party last night was a blast. I'm still hangover.

Here I am with Mr Dipyadeep who is proudly wearing his new old-school green kicks. I'm in my green AB/SOUL dress (seen before here), black leggings and yellow Camper wedges (seen before here).

My friend Marietta wearing a cute Petit Prince figurine necklace and RTMone in his brand new Propaganda Rolling co. tee.

Fellow architect Elena in her candy stripes top, mint green scarf and handmade blue ring.

Skateboards were the get-around-the-party way of choice.

I think the woman in the two different shoes had the same idea as me, photographing the cute girl in the purple tutu.
Elektra at 7ply opening party
Elektra is one half of greek elektro act Rockets In A Coma. She was kind enough to let my friend Marietta take a picture of her for my blog. Elektra, if you're reading this, we loved your outfit!

If you want to visit the
skateboard art exhibition, you still have one day left, the 7plyproject ends Sunday night.


Lorelai Sebastian said...

loooove the yellow Camper wedges!
and the girl with the two different shoes!!!


N. said...

waw, your shoes are so rad :D love them <3 and the blue ring is so awesome too. :D

i always admire how you manage to combine so many diferent clothes, shoes and accessories, but still look so chic and cool <3

rouli said...

cool last pic's outfit!!!!


Anonymous said...

I think I am missing this!
Love your dress!

TheStreetFashion5xpro said...

amazing style...great party

daisychain said...

that looks like mad fun!

What the Street Wears said...

Veeeery nice, i love it!
nice blog!

Unknown said...

Na valoume sto Lab ton nikiti tou diagwnismou sxediou!

T said...

oh FUN! Love your shoes.

Anonymous said...

apart from other shoes we also own the same camper wedges (my pair is the one with cream-taupe comination).

the truth is i dont find them that comfortable.


Lopi said...

yes, I know exactly what you mean
I usually don't have a problem when I wear them for less than three hours straight, but that night wasn't like that... I still have some blisters
I loved the way you wore them with socks, doesn't that make them more wearable?

joanaddicted said...

Thanks to your post, i went to Technopolis to check it out by myself.. so thanks, and hope u enjoy my pics! ;-)