Friday 23 July 2010

Generations of fragrance

A few months ago, I popped down to the kiosk in order to get my print fashion fix. Included in one of the fash mags was - as it is often accustomed for Greek glossies these days - a miniature perfume sample, more specifically Le Dix by Balenciaga.

Here's a nice review of it I found online.

I opened it immediately, as I wanted to feel the bottle without the ugly plastic around it. It was a beautiful, classic perfume bottle that brought in mind an ancient Greek marble column.

But classic-era Greek architecture wasn't the only thing it reminded me of.

I looked in my boxes of miscellaneous stuff and found it:

It was one of the things I had discovered while doing one of my favourite pastimes, searching through my grandma's closet for treasures.

I really have no idea how old that vintage Balenciaga perfume bottle is. Presumably it's from the 50's or 60's, when my grandfather traveled around Europe for business and brought back nice presents for the family.

I don't even know if it's the same perfume, as the original box doesn't have anything else written on it other than the words Balenciaga Paris.

And the same goes for the actual bottle. But I kinda enjoy the mystery and just keep wondering...

According to this review and the picture that accompanies it, my bottle is most probably Le Dix, but missing the black paper label due to age. I find it amazing there are so many people out there with so much knowledge on vintage perfumes.


Shey said...

wow, that is pretty cool, to already have an old bottle that belonged to your grandma and who knows, maybe one day your grandaughter will cherish your little perfume bottle too. =D

A BRIT GREEK said...

Oh wow! That's incredible - the similaries... what gorgeous pics you too too Lopi! Love this!

Have a great weekend hun!

Stratos Bacalis said...

Wow!!! I envy you for having an original Balenciaga vintage perfume bottle!

Alecca Rox said...

Loved every bit of this post, especially the personal twist. Great shoot!

ShoppingTherapy said...

i find it amazimg that you keep stuff like this, it's so sweet. in my family we get rid of everything we don't need (and sometimes by accident, even stuff we need) and now i'm not really used to stay connected with "memorabilia"

Lopi said...

as a family we're the exact opposite (as you may have noticed before reading about all those clothes I found in our attic). we keep EVERYTHING and if I didn't clear stuff out once in a while, no one would. but I'm not complaining, I love it because I get to keep all nice stuff I find!!!

Dimitri Zafiriou said...

This is almost a treasure!!!!so luxury!!

LeLon said...

I love pictures of bottles and adored these ones. Same as with your story which began with a magazine and travelled us back into time

nice wok:)

Anonymous said...


alexiaki said...

amazing! great post and so original!!