Monday 28 March 2011

Heart on top

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel knit top in purple and black stripes, with crossing wide straps on the back and embroidered red heart in front, bought last spring from Fenastock.

I'm not big on buying big name designers, but when I do, it's usually all about the specific designer's signature piece. Stripes, hearts and brightly coloured knits are all Sonia Rykiel's specialties, so this top seemed ideal to represent her brand in my closet.

Even if it's just her diffusion line.


ShoppingTherapy said...

πολλά "like"!

Ann Marie M. said...

sonia rykiel is simply the best in unique french style knitwear. love it! xx

katoula said...

fovero! poso mou aresoun oi riges kai oi paixnidiarikes leptomereies ths sonia rykiel! polu kalh agora :)

Penny said...

cute cute!!