Monday 21 March 2011


Patron is a performance created by Angeliki Chatzi.

The narrative unfolds within an installation of shelves and benches, spinners and buckrams. The passing time is being
constantly reminded by the sound of a sewing machine. The preparation of the costume serves as the main narrative tool.

The three Moirae (according to Greek mythology the three Moirae represent Fate) are preparing a costume for the two main characters. This could be their funeral or their wedding costume. The completion of the costume will signify the end. The two heroes constantly live under the burden of the end approaching. Desiring to extend their time they try to seduce the Moirae and drum out these costumes. This is the basic pattern of the performance structure.

The heroes fight with what the Moires impose upon them, the end of their life, the final change. The atmosphere becomes intense each time the situation becomes critical.
The performance draws from the ancient Greek texts and mythology. More specifically it follows the myth according to which Apollo drunk the three Moirae in order to prevent Admitos' death. The structure is formed through the use of themes often encountered in ancient Greek literature, such as the parallelism between marriage and death. Fate is being portrayed here as in ancient Greek tragedy, the world's order. Timeless questions related to the power of human will, pathos and thus to the responsibility of someone's deeds are being addressed in a rather innovative manner.

Patron functions as a connection between the delivery of ancient drama and modern forms of performing. The narration shares patterns with the familiar to the spectator ancient Greek themes. However, via the new expressive possibilities that are provided a fundamentally new experience is offered.

Direction, Choreography: Angeliki Hatzi
Set design: Yannis Arvanitis
Costume design: Konstantinia Vafeiadou
Performers: Roxani Zogana
Pierre Margendie
Yannis Pavlopoulos
Dimitra Sofou
Nikolas Fragioudakis

Teaser video: Stathis Mourdoukoutas

↑ seriously, you must watch it.

Patron means sewing pattern in Greek, from the French patron de couture.

The show opened last Wednesday, March 9th at the Municipal Theatre of Serres. Performances in Athens start today, Monday March 21st, up until Tuesday, April 19th at the new Frown Tails project space at 6 Paramythias st. in Keramikos.

Shows every Monday and Tuesday at 21:00
Duration is 70'
Tickets cost €10, if you have student ID €7
Reservations at 6944276307 and

images in this post are stills from the video
text via FrownTails, read it all in greek too here

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