Wednesday 9 March 2011

What's up doc?

Nümph is a new Danish brand, a result of the dream of seven young women who (according to their "about" page) wanted to create their ideal type of clothes that they would wish to pull out of the wardrobe cabinet time and again. Feminine, yet edgy. Faultless, yet affordable. Design and tailor details, but still useful on a rainy Tuesday.

They have my vote on that!

This particular rabbit print marl grey sweater with scattered black sequins and hot pink drawstring detail is called Irma and was one of my sales buys from ASOS. Only size L is left though, which is probably ok if you like it loose and cozy, since I got the M.

However, if you are a really petite girl living in Greece, there's also the XS left and on sale on greek e-shop Buldoza, which stocks more Nümph stuff as well. And if you're really not into internet shopping (which I think is really not that probable) you can also find Nümph in a skater clothes shop called Playground, 5 Sokratous st. in Halandri.

Don't say I didn't help, happy rabbit hunting!


Unknown said...

Hey Lopi, this is really cute..I like this color..I think you are about to live some super cozy moments in this bunny hoodie :D

Giorgos said...

Great grey sweater with awesome print, so fantastic! Also congrats of capturing the pricetag with simply interesting logo :)

Anonymous said...

vi elsker dansk design!
(kapoia exei kai to eleven souls stin kolokotrwni)
filia v.

zoe.k. said...

Numph rulz! I got my coat for the fair price of 100 euros just before sales from DNA Stars down town Athens and I love it! Those girls got my vote (and money)!

Wizy Wiz said...

Numph ta spane (an kai akrivoutsika ta atima!)...genika uparxoun aksioprosekta danezika brands!Polu omorfo kai to sigekrimeno cutie tis fwtografias ;) xxx

Claire and Vasia said...

Einai tooooosooo glykouli!! Ta roz kordonia erxontai se anti8esh me to gkri tou fouter kai einai teleio :)


Alex Matoshko said...

Simply adorable and looks so cosy! And you got me - I really expected to see Bugs Bunny:) I got to t-shirts with him from my sillier days