Monday 11 November 2013


Better late than never, so this is what I wore at the Dimitris Petrou A/W 2013-14 show, that took place last month.

By the way, whenever I wear my hair like this, I get so many questions on how I do it. It's actually ridiculously simple. You just tie them up with a hair elastic (like doing a normal ponytail) and tuck them in right on top of where the ponytail starts. I guess I could do a simple video tutorial to show you...

Mustard yellow blouse, SUITEBLANCO. Grey loose trousers, TOI&MOI. Handbag, ZARA. Black necklace, CASA DI MINEA via YOOX.


PeBu said...

video tutorial!!!yeah!

Janine said...

before I read the text to this post I just looked at the pictures and I went "she must tell how she did her hair!". it looks so good, please do a tutorial!