Monday 18 November 2013

Knock on wood

My first pair of Swedish Hasbeens is here!

If you remember this post, back in spring 2011 I received a pair of red clogs from the Swedish Hasbeens for H&M collection. Well, I wore them to death. Really, they almost fell apart at some point, but I repaired them as I couldn't stand losing them.

Ever since then, I was always looking out for a black pair of the actual thing on sale, since there wasn't a chance in the world I would fork out the full retail price, and I after a while, I scored!

Braided Sky High is one of their most popular designs, according to their official site. It also costs a whooping 190€ to buy full price, which makes me feel particularly efficient, as I managed to score it on sale at ASOS for a discounted 120€.

They are made from all natural materials in Sweden, which means you have to take good care of them, protect them from water, and be prepared to encounter chips on the wood and darkening of the natural leather colours.

This also means that the leather is very stiff in the begining and you must have the patience to break them in. That's why I am now wearing them around the house with thick socks, which is a style I am actually starting to contemplate getting out in the real world too.

This particular style I got is now sold-out on ASOS, but the Braided Low Wedge in black is available for just 115€ and if you wear 36 or 41 you can also find it here for even less. Plus you can always keep checking here to see when one of the current styles will go on sale.


marietta said...

Ω είναι τέεεελεια! Το ύψος του τακουνιού με ανησυχεί , πώς τα πας με το περπάτημά του;

μεγειά ^_^

Lopi said...

Είναι πάρα πολύ άνετα! Μου φαίνεται ότι τα ξύλινα τσόκαρα, όσο πιο ψηλά είναι τόσο πιο εύκολα περπατιούνται, γιατί εκμεταλλεύεσαι την ακαμψία του ξύλου. Το δύσκολο τώρα είναι να μαλακώσει το δέρμα...

Sakos said...

Συνιστώ το ορίτζιναλ Moheda για την επόμενη φορά που είναι και πολύ πιο φτηνό και είναι το πιο κλασικό. Ίδιο ακριβώς design.

Lopi said...

Έτσι, να κυκλοφορεί η γνώση!

Janine said...

a pair of real Hasbeens is also a dream of mine! and i would definitely go for a look with socks, sounds really cute :)