Tuesday 5 November 2013

Season's colour by Shiseido

Yup, it's still like summer here in Greece. I was way to eager to put away all my sunscreen potions and lotions that go hand-in-hand with my beach stuff, and now I'm kinda regretting it.

Good thing is Shiseido sent over a care package.

The famous Sun Protection Compact Foundation was one of the products inside. I was was eager as hell to try it, as I've heard so much about it from girlfriends over the years. As someone who must always wear compact powder on top of foundation, in order to avoid looking like a greasy mess, a powder-like product that also offers the coverage of make-up will save tons of my time.

The shade on the box said SP60, which I found a bit confusing, given that the product also offers SPF 30. Unfortunately the it was also way too dark for my skintone (SP60 is the second-to-last darker shade according to the product page). I'll most probably never get tan enough to actually wear it, even in summer. Bummer.

Also in the package, the Eye Color Bar eyeshadow palette. By the way,  the only time you'll see me spelling "colour" the american way is when it's part of a product's official name

Once again, I did my homework over at Shiseido's site. The palette "includes 7 distinct colors and 2 transformative shades with polarized pearls that allow you to create customized colors and textures through layering" and it's limited edition, so be aware it won't be restocked after this season.

Personally, I love palettes. So many choices right there, in front of you, easy to find and choose. For days I want a natural look, I wear the brown and beige colours on my whole eyelid, and for when I feel like experimenting more, I use the more eye-catching shades along the bottom lash line only, just to add a small pop of colour.

That's all for now. In the meanwhile, I'm also giving Shiseido's Ibuki range a test this week, in order to pop out a proper product review. Coming right up!

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