Saturday 31 October 2009

Celebrity Skin SS2010 show at AXDW

Quite appropriately titled iMMortaL ExtRaVAganZa, the Celebrity Skin by Dimitris Strepkos and Eleni Mparla Spring-Summer 2010 show was spectacular to watch.

The show started with the projection of footage from a photo-shot. The model was so perfect, we could cry.

And then, the show started...

...and quite a goth-glam iMMortaL ExtRaVAganZa it was!

However, several people I talked to after the show, were left quite puzzled as to whether these clothes can be worn in real life.
I say who cares?
Does anyone question Alexander McQueen's extravagant shows full of probably-unwearable-in-real-life clothes? No, because they ARE a show. I think that's what the Celebrity Skin duo tried to do here. Create a feel for us, give us an insight on what they're trying to channel for next summer, allow us see their vision and their skills.

I say me likey!

PS1 Me likey the press kit CD too! Hand-packaged along with loose black sequins in black tulle and fastened with a safety pin, for that extra punk factor. Rock on!

PS2 I tweeted this pic above as I was waiting for the show to start. You can follow me on twitter to see all my runway tweets!

[All pictures mine. Do not use without permission.]


fashionist__ahead said...

ooooo tosoo teleiaaaa......
9elw k egwww...

Alecca Rox said...

that was one of my favourite shows: theatrical styling, well made frocks, quite a spectacle!

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