Saturday 31 October 2009

Front row of Angelos Frentzos at AXDW

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Alecca Rox said...

wicked shot! have been awake too, posting catwalk show photos & closing video from Frentzos. was nice seeing you tonight;)

Mairyliscious said...

ela tuxerh christiana dipla sto markello :)Ppp

Jo said...

I really love this photo!

leinti nti said...

nice photo and really an example of why Athens Fashion Week (NO1) is very esostrefis and not in the magazines. where are the journalists, the press? shouldn't they be sitting front row at leas t the major ones? for example what does dagritzikos have to offer by sitting front row? also sorry guys as much as we love bloggers, we cannot have all of them front row. fashion weeks are also for the press.

Lopi said...

@leinti nti

Glad to see comments like yours here. One of the reasons I opened up the "anonymous" option.
However, I'd like to know, are you referring to FWA or AXDW or both?

You are right, the people who should be seated in the front row are A) the major fashion journalists and B) the major fashion buyers. But if they don't bother to show up, what happens? Designers like the DElight girls and their friends (Dagritzikos is their personal friend and was also the DJ for their show) will take up those seats.

Also, I agree with you that fashion weeks ARE for the press, but aren't fashion bloggers sometimes playing the part of the press? We are not journalists, but we offer a personal insight to our readers, who couldn't be there. And we're doing it much faster than the traditional press. Sometimes, even in real-time with the help of technology like twitter.

For the record, the only bloggers I saw in the front row were Christiana from Fashion Paths and Vicki from Ermou, and that's because the production team and PR persons seated them there. They didn't steal the seats themselves. I was always seated third row or even further behind. And I'm not complaining, that's the way it is.

leinti nti said...

i am not an anonymous. i am leinti nti!!! :)

am referring to the axdw fashion week but that goes for the other one too. den antilego aplos it is a general and very personal remark. I have been to the axdw fashion week once (distixos) but was appalled by the treatment of journalists who were treated like outsiders just because they were covering the shows for foreign papers. i remember shows were revolving around designers and their ''friends''. that to me is unacceptable. if you want to deliver your message you have to go beyond that. in a way that photo to me represents exactly what is wrong with athens fashion weeks. it is not a bitter comment against these front rowers but a general observation. regarding the other interesting statement you made -'where are the fashion press and the buyers?' i am kind of surprised. i cannot believe journalists or buyers didn't bother. this is the most important fashion event in the athen's fashion calendar!

Anonymous said...

daks h 8esh su htan makran h kalyterh!!dipla ston 8eo..k sthn teleytaia seira pali h kalyterh 8a htan\!loool

Christiana said...

FYI There were two front rows one for press & buyers & one for designer's friends!
I was seated front row (at press) only because I was shooting in a different way than the professional photographers and not because I wanted "the glam of the place".

Also front rowers are celebrities or socialites too that are presented as designers' ambassadors! Very important! Simple marketing rules!

By the way, I didn't see any journalist complaining for his seat! And believe me I did meet "huge" journalists from Kathimerini, Eleutherotupia,Ta Nea & many more..

Christiana said...

You forgot to tag MI-RO designers, and my favorite one Dimitri Petrou!!

Alecca Rox said...

one for leinti nti:

I must agree with you, the front row wasn't exactly packed with reps from fashion magazines, but that's only because they don't go to shows. The reason why they don't go, is because none of the designers holding a show pays for advertising in their magazines therefore they are not a priority. And yes, that says a lot about the role of the glossies and this country's fashion industry.

Bloggers on the other hand, don't get paid by anyone AND report almost real time like lopi said from as many shows as they can. They just like fashion, no hidden motives. Moreover, some write in english, so people from abroad get a taste of the Greek fashion scene and that includes buyers too. That was the reason I started blogging, even though I am a pro fashion journalist (degree and all), because I wanted to write about whatever truly interested me, not what paid me.

Much to their credit, journalists from some newspapers were there + sitted front row like Christiana pointed out, I confirm.

Keep protesting and one day things may change. Till then, don't shoot the bloggers;)