Tuesday 27 October 2009

Fashion Week Athens - New Generation

[photo by jgk - edited by me]

The New Generation show, featuring 22 rookie fashion designers, was the one that on Sunday night, closed Fashion Week Athens Spring-Summer 2010.

We all fell in love with that mustard jacket that won newcomer Evangelos Kavathas a trip to the Inditex headquarters in Spain.
(concerning that, please, read the UPDATE in the end of the post)

QueenB, Hari K and I were so jealous when we heard that! It's like going into Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, people. Without the freaky incidents and the Ooompa Loompas, of course.
[photo by jgk - edited by me]

The big award however, went to Cathreen Mal and her black-and-white futuristic dress. She will be flying to India, to participate in an international competition searching for new talent in fashion.
(again, go to the UPDATE in the end of this post)

Seeing Cathreen's name on the screen rang a bell.

I k*n*o*w that name, I said to myself.

Turns out...

...we both participated in last year's Fashion Week Workshops!


For those who weren't reading Fashion Architect back then (post is here for anyone interested) the workshop was a fusion of architecture and fashion, inspired by the construction of food, and was quite appropriately titled FOODWEAR. Our team of four ended up producing two dresses. Cathreen was working hard as a stylist back then, but despite her heavy schedule and many responsibilities, she was always a total sweetheart and really fun to collaborate with.

She must be thrilled now! I'm really happy and excited for her, she totally deserves every success!

[photo by jgk - edited by me]

UPDATE: Oooops! Looks like I made a mistake! The awards were the other way round, meaning Evangelos Kavathas will compete in India and Cathreen Mal will get to visit the Inditex headquarters. Many thanks to reader FashionVictim who noticed it and kindly informed me in a comment. Sorry!


fashionist__ahead said...

ooooo toso teleiaaa...

ShoppingTherapy said...

really happy that new people found a way to communicate their ideas!

daisychain said...

I love the mustard jacket in the first photo

FashionVictim said...

Great closing and congrats to both!
My understanding is though, that the awards were the other way around and the grand prize was awarded to Evangelos Kavathas!
Looks like a very promising representation of the booming Greek fashion in such prominent competition.

Mika's Fashion said...

teleio post!
sth foto eisai so sweet!

twra se sxesh me auto me rwthses...h alh8eia einai oti to foresa otan vghka me t agori m k otan to dokimasa spiti tou arese para polu k ka8e distagmos m efuge opote to foresa. twra ti skeftontai oloi oi alloi ka8olou dn me afora k t idio na kaneis k esu. den ginetai na forame oloi ta idia san na einai stolh.

thanks gia to comment sou