Tuesday 27 April 2010

Ethical prints and textures

beklina.com lina_rennell_brown_triangle
Lina Rennell Triangle Top

beklina.com Virginia Johnson Jaipur Tunic Whale Blue
Virginia Johnson Jaipur Tunic "Whale" Blue

beklina.com marie_louise_vogt_bluetop 1
Marie Louise Vogt Knitted Top

beklina.com mociun_moonwalker_skirt_2
Mociun Moonwalker Skirt

I recently discovered on-line boutique Beklina, a three women family operation from California that only sells organic and fair trade fashion. The prices are - once again - way out of my budget, but who's to say no to some eye-candy with soul?


Kathleen said...

sorry gia to off-topic alla gnwrizontas thn diathesi sou me tis copycats, thelw na deis auto:


exei enhmerwsei kaneis ton Marc Jacobs gia auto?

Lopi said...

How typical of Skondras, τα'χουνε πει κι άλλοι πριν από μένα. Δες απλά αυτό το ποστ της Shopping Therapy από πέρυσι:

Anonymous said...

That knitted top is mouthwateringly gorgeous!

Lorelai Sebastian said...

to forema to galazio ax einai teleio!!
kai i diastimiki fusta@

Daisy Dukes said...

thanks for turning us on to this boutique...i think...because the change in my pocket is feeling their magnet and it's out of my price range, too.

such refreshing stuff to lay my eyeballs on.

kot-itsa said...

asxeto alla 8ewrw tis kopeles ma fakides sto proswpo soooooooo sexy!!!

Raquel said...

they're all great, but the skirt is amazing!

eleni said...

i was so close to buying a t-shirt at zara with a similar print to the last skirt... definatly regretting not buying it now! you should check it out! it was only $40 (around 30 euros i think?) so much more budget friendly :)

annie said...

loved the dresses of the boutique!


April said...

these are amazing, especially the first two!

Tadpole Renu said...

Mociun Moonwalker Skirt... just perfect!