Sunday 22 August 2010

Embroidery is cool, so are gifts

Not just a new bag.

As mentioned in my previous teaser post, this is my new favourite summer bag, and at the same time, an early birthday present from my friend Eva who owns FALTSO boutique in Samos.

Remember back then?

Anyway, the bag is by Attrattivo, which is a Greek clothing company.

I love that it's made of all natural materials and how the pattern was totally inspired by traditional Greek embroidery. Even if the tag says MADE IN INDIA.

It actually looks a lot like pixel art.

Embroidered canvas bag with leather starps by A.L.E. (Attrattivo Limited Edition), from FALTSO boutique in Samos


Panagiota said...

Beautiful pattern!

ShoppingTherapy said...

you had me at "gift" lol said...

that bag is gorgeous!!!!!!

Tory said...

So jealous of this bag... why did we not visit this shop together?! xxx

natalie said...

This is awesome!

Rebecca Jane said...

This is such a pretty bag!

lukeford said...

Beautiful!! I really fell in love with the embroidery.