Thursday 5 August 2010

Heavily embelished

This is my very last impulse buy from the summer sales, just in time before I leave for vacations. Chronologically speaking at least, because there are quite a few other things that sneakily made their way into my wardrobe these past few weeks, including two items from The Outnet and several from ASOS, taking advantage of their amazing sale. All of which I have been way too busy to post until now.

All in good time.

Ethnic-inspired beaded leather sandals
Accessorize, €23 down from €46


Unknown said...

I buy most of my jewelry from Accessorize, it's reeeeaally good. Those sandals look very 'expensive' comparing to their price, they're not exactly my style, but they definitely can pull of some cute boho looks.


Mirka said...

accessorize always has something nice xx

Anonymous said...

So fun! I hate having anything between my toes, so not for me ... but I imagine these working fantastically with your wardrobe, lady.

Lopi said...

Oh, I'm exactly the same! At least, I used to be, big time. I hated having things pushing against the gap next to my big toe and a couple of years ago I couldn't even wear simple flip-flops, I hated the feeling. But I slowly introduced them to my wardrobe and these ones here aren't that tight against the toes, so I manage. And you know what they say: It's all a matter of getting used to it :)

Frini said...

oh i bought myself those ones a few weeks ago and i cannot get enough of them! trust me, they are very comfy and, despite the heavy embellishment, which is true, they go with many many stuff!!