Wednesday 4 August 2010

Orange you hot?

Hot I tell you. August in Greece is not to be taken lightly sartorially.

Hence, my standard uniform of these past few weeks:
A cool skirt (linen in this case, which is probably the best fabric to wear in hot weather) belted for some waist definition, a simple-yet-not-plain cotton tank top and a pair of leather flat sandals. These particular ones are by Zara Kids, so they're guarantied to be comfy.

See, even my accessories alllow my skin to breathe!

Grey tank top, Bershka. Orange linen drawstring skirt, H&M. Green leather sandals, Zara Kids. Gold ring, Topshop. Double-face leather belt, grandma's vintage.


A BRIT GREEK said...

Love everything about this look, including the colours! Looking good Lopi!

ps don't forget to pick up your award lovely!

Anonymous said...

Simply lovely.

chloe said...

tell me about it, we had 46 degrees C the other day!
hurry up winter!

you do look chic though, i just look red and hot (have to wear jeans as uniform at work, aaaargg!) x

Shey said...

You look beautiful! I love orange and this orange skirt suits you so well, I had never thought about pairing it with gray, fabulous color combo! I also love the belt, I love leather belts sooo much and this one is simple and perfect, ties the two pieces great.

Alecca Rox said...

orange! my surprise favourite for this summer. looks good on you, don't forget to pack it for the holidays;)

Anonymous said...

It looks lovely!I was just wondering..with what kind of bag would you suit it best?:)

m said...

it's amazing ;)

free spirit fashion said...

Love this look! So effortlessly cool. And I love that you're wearing orange - not nearly enough people wear it, I think. I'm half Greek, and I think orange complements olive skin really nicely. =]


ShoppingTherapy said...

work and heatwave are 2 words that shouldn't be in the same sentence. but what can you do? at least you manage to look summery and serious at the same time!! :)

Markella said...

Wow τέλειο το δαχτυλίδι σου!Παρακολουθώ το blog σου,θα το εκτιμούσα από μέρος σου να ακολουθούσες και το δικό μου

Mairyliscious said...

tres chic!!!!!!

L. said...

εγώ πάλι έχω την εξής απορία: μέχρι τι νούμερο βγαίνουν τα παπούτσια στα zara kids???

Lopi said...

My bad for not posting bags with my recent outfits... I used to remember it all the time in winter, but I've been neglecting it lately.
Anyways, with this outfit I actually used my trusty grey Mango shopper (as seen here) which I've been using non-stop for the past couple of months as it magically goes with everything, but I could probably also use my brown leather Zara with silver and copper studs (the one in this picture).

Lopi said...

Hello girl! Εγώ στο Zara συνήθως φοράω 39 και παλιά τα παιδικά τους έβγαιναν μέχρι 40. Αν πας πίσω σε αυτό το ποστ του 2008 θα δεις τα τρία πρώτα ζευγάρια που πήρα από εκεί. Τα κίτρινα/μπεζ τα πήρα σε 39, τα πρασινολαδί σε 38 και τις ροζ μπαλαρίνες σε 40. Γενικά δοκιμάζω ό,τι μου γυαλίζει, και αν μου κάνει/είναι άνετο/δεν με χτυπάει το παίρνω, ασχέτως του νούμερου που γράφει η σόλα.
ΑΛΛΑ τον τελευταίο χρόνο ρωτάω τις πωλήτριες μου απαντάνε ότι βγαίνουν μόνο μέχρι 38, οπότε μάλλον έχουν αλλάξει το sizing. Πάντως, αν και φοράω 39, τα τυρκουάζ gladiators αυτού του ποστ τα πήρα φέτος σε 38 και μου κάνουν μια χαρά!
Hope I helped :)

Vera said...

Those sandals are so cute!

Enjoy the summer, it'll be over before you know it!

Vivian said...

lopi είσαι νομίζω στα τοπ 3 αγαπημένα μου blogs ίσως επειδή έχουμε παρόμοιο στυλ.. (αν και μάλλον το δικό σου είναι πιο όμορφο). Τρελαίνομαι για φούστες το καλοκαίρι, είναι απίστευτα δροσερές και μου αρέσει και ο συνδυασμός με ζώνη. Γενικά δηλ οι ζώνες με τρελαίνουν. Αλλά οι περισσότερες φούστες μου έχουν φαρδιά σούρα στη μέση και δε νομίζω οτι πάει η ζώνη, έχεις καμιά ιδέα;


L. said...

you did help, thank you!:)

κ γω 39 φοράω οπότε βουρ στα zara kids!!!:D