Thursday 26 August 2010

Outnet first

Well, this is actually an old story, since I received that parcel above way before my summer vacation. But, being the procrastinator I'm known to be, I had to marinate it in my drafts before actual posting. Let's get onto to the exciting story of my first order from the Outnet.

I have to point out here that (as Stella has very successfully described before, alas in Greek only) shopping at the Outnet, the official outlet of NET-A-PORTER, is no task for the faint of heart. Being constantly reminded that you have to hurry up because items inside your shopping cart are not truly yours until you pay, and that a faster and savvier e-shopper could snatch them right out of your sight while you're casually browsing the shoe section, does not a calm shopper make.

So when the newsletter came in June 15th, I was fast, ruthless and effective.

That See by Chloé silk dress on top was cute, affordable and in my size. Sold, as was the Ossie Clark fashion illustration print t-shirt. It would be a pity to be left behind.

The DHL shipping was super-fast and cost €10,70. Which is not cheap, considering it's shipping within the EU, but it is €1,30 cheaper than the €12 flat-rate DHL shipping ASOS offers for orders to Greece.

I was very pleased to notice that all the materials used for packing and shipping were recyclable or reusable.

No ugly styrofoam packaging peanuts to be seen here people, only some plain white wrapping paper that can be easily recycled and a nice reusable shopping bag, complete with sturdy handles and a zipper, that is now my laundry bag when traveling.

Now, enough with details and onto the actual clothes!

See by Chloé printed silk-crepe dress and Ossie Clark sketch-print cotton tee, fresh out of the box.

The tee was a no-brainer actually. A t-shirt printed all over with amazing fashion illustrations in full detail?

No way I was leaving this baby behind.

And then, there is the real protagonist of this post.

The dress.

A happy, almost childishly naive print in vibrant colours, super soft silk fabric, cute ruffled sleeves and at 70% off. What's not to love?

And I may have to take it in just a bit on the torso to achieve that flawless fit, but overall it was just the perfect size for me. And to tell you the truth, that was based mainly on guessing and hoping, so I'm glad it turned out well.

Overall, I am very pleased by my first Outnet experience, but I'm not ready to turn it into a regular habit just yet. I mean, 70% off designer goods is nice, but most of them are still way more expensive than what I'm willing to pay for the majority of my wardrobe's contents. But if you find that little special something that you really love in a discounted price and the newsletter comes in and it's suddenly an extra 40% off, there's little you can do to prevent the inevitable.

Have you ever shopped at the Outnet?
Are you planning to? Tell me all about it!


T said...

I've browsed it before, but never went through with hitting the order button. I'll have to give it a go sometime! Love your buys!

Can I mention that I am happy to have all my Greek blogger friends back? : )

Rais Tsolaridou said...

To forema einai to kati allo!Yperoxo!
K to tee funky & great!
Prin 3 vdomades psonisa ena Alexander McQueen jean apo to outnet 70% off, 61 euro + shipping!
Pragmatika chic-onomic! :)


m1rto said...

Prospathisa na prolavw ena marc jacobs konto zaketaki alla mou to fagane prin prolavw na plirwsw...meta tsatistika kai den pira tipota :) :P

katoula said...

I have also subscribed for Outnet so I get the e-mails shouting about these gorgeous discounts, but...I keep looking into the site and either I can't afford the items that I trully like, either if I find something that I can actually buy, it is not my size...It is kind of annoying! But, what on earth, I will make it someday! The dress is like a little girl's, love it!

ShoppingTherapy said...

thanx for the mention lopi!
your buys are really beautiful!
i check the site everytime a newsletter arrives but i haven't shopped anything else for all the reasons mentioned in your post and in the above comments. you need to have some luck !

Reaction said...

Really good choice!the has lovely colour!And tha t-shirt is a bargain....especially with a jacket it would be really cute!

Anonymous said...

Αγόρασα ακριβώς το ίδιο φόρεμα πριν 2 περίπου μήνες από το Outnet!!! Γενικά είναι ίσως το πλέον user friendly online shop και το τιμώ δεόντως... κατά καιρούς έχω πάρει σανδάλια KORS, φλατ Hollywould και Maloles (ατυχές sizing,BARFFF),ένα tank top See by Chloe και σήμερα ήρθε αυτό
Έχει extra γρήγορη αποστολή και πολύ κατατοπιστικούς πίνακες μεγεθών, και νομίζω ότι οι τιμές είναι οκ

Velveteen said...

I really want to shop someday, there. But still, I think it's quite expensive, considering that there may be some sizing mishaps. All that said, if I see something that I ABSOLUTELY love it's quite possible I'll buy it!I've only shopped TOPSHOP online and i was quite happy with it.

Rebecca Jane said...

I am always wanting to shop there, I look longingly at things all the time, including that See by Chloe dress! I am jealous of yours - beauty!

Eliza said...

Gotta love Outnet but you're right! Things are going FAST!!

I tagged you in a tagging game check it out if you're up to it :)

Dimitri Zafiriou said...

What a fashion fabulous t-shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!great shopping,smart girl...!!!

Florendia said...

M' aresei kai to forema alla trellathika me to t-shirt! Fantastiko! Me geia!

Alessia said...

Oh I just FELL IN LOVE with the t-shirt!Lucky you :P

annie said...

love your new t-shirt! megeies!

Vanessa said...

I'm new to daily fashion blogging, and just found your site.
These prints are just beautiful. I love them!