Sunday 3 April 2011

Clothing as dwelling for the body


Athens School of Fine Arts
is inaugurating its permanent collaboration with Athens Fashion Week this season.

This past week, four teams from the school started working in the Fashion Week's premises in Technopolis, participating in a workshop titled Clothes as a Dwelling for the Body under the supervision of Michalis Manousakis.

The students were called to create their own original work based on the concept of that clothes are literally acting as homes for our bodies. You can understand why it looks so interesting to me and hopefully to you, being readers of this blog.

The workshop started last Monday, March 28th and it was open to the public every afternoon, to visit and watch the students work. The presentation of the results will take place today, as a catwalk, at 21:00.

All pics above were taken Friday night.

And if the words "Athens Fashion Week", "workshop" and "fashion and architecture" used together seem interesting to you, you might want to check out this series of posts, from two and a half years ago.


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