Tuesday 12 April 2011

H&M Spring collections

Last Tuesday I found myself at the H&M showroom in downtown Athens, along with many other of my Greek fashion blogging comrades, invited by H&M to see all their new collections that are about to launch in the next few weeks:

Fashion Against AIDS
which raises awareness and helps educate young people on how to protect themselves from HIV.

Conscious Collection
which is all about sustainable fashion and environmentally friendly materials.


part of this collection's profits go towards helping the WaterAid Organisation that provides clean water and sanitation to people in need.

Swedish Hasbeens
this season's designer collaboration with the legendary Swedish clog makers.

I have to say, there's just too much of the good stuff. In fact, I'm planning to do separate posts on the collections and particular things I'm most interested in, so it doesn't all overwhelm you in a single post.

Until then, here are a few snapshots from the day:

Generally, we saw many amazing colourful basics.

Kristen modeling an H&M scarf and shades for me.

The Fashion Against AIDS collection rail.

Detail from a bikini. Oh yes, there where bikinis too!

Amazing embroidery detail on a Conscious Collection dress.

And an equally amazing tulle covered gem detail, from the same collection.

Chara and the Conscious Collection rail.

And did I mention the amazing block colours?

Elena sporting the "I may look innocent, but I'm gonna buy them all before you do" look.

I don't know about the rest of the girls, but my personal favourite was the WaterAid collection.
It's all based on many different blue and white patterns that totally reminded me of the traditional Chinese porcelain designs. Quite fitting for the whole water-inspired concept, as china is mainly used to drink from or to hold fluids.

The collection is based mostly on floral designs, but there are also some more geometric ones.

Plus, I happen to remember Elena falling in love with a certain blue and white tie dye skirt, as seen in Stella's more elaborate post.

As for me, I think I found what I'm gonna queue for.
Too bad I'll have to wait a few more weeks for the WaterAid collection to launch.

Still, we didn't leave the H&M showroom empty-handed...
But more on the Swedish Hasbeens for H&M collection and my own new shoes on a future post!


evi said...

Will the new collections be in every HM store in Greece?

Εvi said...

Gosh, I'm excited!!!
Can't wait for the detailed posts, I love it when H&M spoils us with lots of special collections and collaborations ;)

ShoppingTherapy said...

thanx for the mention :)
u should buy the dress!!

Lopi said...

I believe Conscious will be stocked in all H&M stores starting this Thursday, but the rest 3 collections will only be available in two H&M branches in Greece, the big one in Ermou and in the Tsimiski one in Thessaloniki. Fashion Against AIDS starts 26/4 and as soon as I have dates for the others I'm gonna do the posts!

don't mention it
(see what I did here? ;p)

I'm sure planning to buy it, I just hope I'm quick enough!

Rini said...

How LUCKY are you young lady?
These collections are surely something to look forward too, thank you for sharing them...I'm such a huge fan of h&m!

Velveteen said...

Oooh, lucky girl! This bikini detail has set my imagination on fire!!!

annie said...

the new collection at 14 of July will have these amazing clothes? too bad i dont live in Athens..


Mairyliscious said...

zhleyw ...............polu omws :(:(((

Lorelai Sebastian said...

eutuxws tha erthun apo oti katalava k sti thessaloniki!xerostaliasame!

Kristen Leo said...

ti orea pou sou paei to foremataki!!! <3 kisses!

Ava S. said...

Have a really great blog ! Love it! :)