Friday 8 April 2011

Evangelos Kavathas "Selas" SS2011

Evangelos Kavathas was the first to show on the last day of this season's Athens Fashion Week and the only day I chose to attend this year.

The reasons I missed the first three days are basically too much of my actual work, the one that pays the bills that is, and the fact that the designers I really care about and would actually wear their clothes (or already do) were all scheduled to show that day.

Back to the show:

The collection was named Selas (the Greek name for Aurora) and it was actually Spring Summer 2011.

As most of you know, showing your Spring collection in March is generally considered way too late in fashion business. However, if you're a small-scale sur mesure designer who sells directly to clients who are just now starting to look for their summer wear, this move makes a lot of sense strategically.
As for the actual clothes, well I liked them a lot.

I don't wanna bore you with details, I'm just gonna say that the way Evangelos designs shows he likes women and makes his clothes having in mind beauty, practicality and just a little bit of edge.
Most of all, I like the fact that he returned to using pumpkin, the colour that first made him known in the form of that amazing jacket that won him the Newcomer award back in October 2009.

Ok, I also simply adore this colour! And I have the feeling we're yet to see way more amazing things from him. Congratulations!

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caramellitsa said...

παρα πολυ ωραια σχεδια!!και τα χρωματα τοσο ζωντανα!δεν ηξερα τον συγκεκριμενο σχεδιαστη αλλα θα ψαξω να μαθω περισσοτερα!

πολυ ωραια αναρτηση!!