Wednesday 13 April 2011

Dimitris Petrou "Θeros" SS2011

Dimitris Petrou presented his SS2011 collection titled Θeros yesterday. I took way too many pics and I was unable to edit them down since each one had a little something to tell.

Enjoy the story!
Outside Theseum Theatre for the Arts.

Tassos Sofroniou and friend.

Elena obsessing as always.

Chrysa and star stylist Tolis Skoulariotis.

The catwalk was decorated with hay to fit the whole "harvest" concept.

Bianca and her fierce heels.

Lights dim and summer images are projected...

...and then a small dance performance starts.

Two dancers imitating the boy and girl pictured on the collection's official painting.

Then the lights dim once again and the show starts!

Enjoy the clothes:
This last one took my breath away...


And as everyone - yes, I'm looking at you Loukas - went outside for G&Ts...

...some people stayed on the empty catwalk:
fashionarchitect.net_dimitris_petrou_theros_8263sTamta wearing a Dimitris Petrou "Sur Mesure" AW2010/11 dress, as seen here.

I wish I'd had more time to write how much I enjoyed the whole experience. As for the clothes, let's just say that too many of them are already in my wish list.
Congratulations are also due to Dimitris Petrou's three fairies, Margarita, Dimitra and Danai who organised the whole event and did a hell of a good job at it.


ShoppingTherapy said...

the color palette is really a sight for a sore eyes... the first short dress you posted is my personal favorite

Panagiota said...

AMAZING!!!just that..:)

*chara said...

Λατρεύω τις φώτος σου!!
Τόσο τέλειες όσο και αυτή η collection! :)


annie said...

liked the accessories!

Essence of Argan said...

I would love to say only one word "good".

Anonymous said...

περισσότερο από όλα μου άρεσε το θαλασσί μακρύ φορεματάκι! από πέρυσι θελω να βρς κάτι σε maxi αλλά τίποτα δε μου γεμίζει το μάτι (έχω και δύο μέτρα μπόι βλέπεις :Ρ)


evli said...

ti apisteuth pou einai h tamta!