Saturday 30 August 2008

Normal? around for a coat in August?
Mango, 99 euros


Sarah-Catherine said...

Hi there!

My name is Sarah and I'm a French Canadian journalist from Montreal living in Athens for a couple of months. I am preparing an Article on Greek Fashion and have been reading your blog for a while... Would you be kind enough to share your opinions with me... Here are my questions :

- What do you think about Greek Fashion? What are the best Greek designers in your opinion? The ones to watch? Any up and coming ones?

- In your opinion, what is the importance of Fashion for Greek women?

- Can you describe the Greek Women attitude toward fashion in a couple of word or sentences. (For example, we would say ELEGANT for Parisian women, UBER TRENDY for Japanease's ones...)

- Besides Designers, what, for you, are the "must" Greek stores or brands (preferably available in Athens) : for example .LAK, BSD, Badila...??? It can be international brands like Zara, but preferably Greek ones.

It would really be appreciated if you took time to give me your lightening opinion.

As usual I am on a deadline, so the faster, the better.

Sarah Lacroix
698 268 6143

Anonymous said...

ωωω απ'ότι φαίνεται θα μπεις κ σε περιοδικό,συχαρητήρια :)
στο θέμα μας τώρα,το παλτό είναι άψογο και σου πάει τέλεια!

Anonymous said...

Totally normal. You're planning ahead!

And hey, look at that other comment. You're on your way to superstardom, Lopi.

Elena said...

Wow! That magazine thing is really cool! Congratulations Lopi! You deserve it!
Regarding the coat, why not? It looks great!