Monday 11 August 2008

Update on the Katie Holmes issue

I know it's a bit lame to make a new post just to provide information regarding a previous one, but this is serious stuff people: According to Catwalk Queen Katie Holmes doesn't have a personal stylist. This is where it gets interesting: She and Tom have a couple's stylist named Jeanne Yang. Is this the reason they wear the same jeans? The actual SAME pair of jeans? I don't know, maybe Suri's Louboutin habit is getting out of control, but cutting back by sharing a stylist? How un-hollywood of them, and yet kinda romantic. With a creepy twist.
Here's Katie wearing more feminine high-waisted jeans.
Great style, would look better without the cameltoe, though.

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Anonymous said...

I, like so many of us, worry for that girl. The boyfriend jeans are just unappealing to me, but the fact that they share a stylist? When they have ALL THE MONEYS?? She and Tom are like a two-person hive-mind. Icks.