Tuesday 26 August 2008

Clothes, by any other name would smell as sweet

As I learned in previous adventures in shopping land, you should not judge a book by its cover. In that particular case, it was about the fabulous kiddies shoes I snatched at Zara in my - adult - size, just as summer was kicking in. Coming now, at the end-of-summer sales, another fine example of this rule. I present you with my new, fierce and 40% reduced Benetton maternity clothes.Actually, I had already bought that dress in black for full-price in the beginning of the season and I wore it so much, I had to buy it in brown as well. And the pants, oh my, the pants! Great quality linen, with extra-wide elastic waist that actually looks great and not maternity-pantsy and super cute bow belt that sits just on my hip bones. Have I mentioned that they are super comfy? And they were both size XS? Not my usual, let me tell you. That is called instant gratification, my friends. And yours truly is a happy - and most importantly unprejudiced - shopper.


Anonymous said...

You're totally right! Great finds, and super cute on you. I'm always drawn to the maternity dresses at Target - they're somehow SO much cuter than the non-maternity selection. Maybe I'll just slip one on next time, and convention be damned!

annabananna said...

great finds! it's great to find pieces that are a bit outside the box. i just love the dress!

Elena said...

You look great! I wanted to buy those shoes as well... But when I went they didn't have my size... :(