Tuesday 19 August 2008

A vacation from clothes

So, here I am, fresh from my sea-sun-and-sand holidays on various greek beaches and many of you probably expect the photos that documented the great time I had and the outfits I wore. Well, true with the first one, not so much with the second. You see dear readers, as aforementioned, my holidays were just that. A break from everything. That included clothes. No, I didn't go to some nudist resort, but my daily routine was something like that: I woke, I threw on a bikini, I spent my day on the beach and then I showered, put on some shorts and a vest and chilled out on the front yard. See any clothes worth mentioning there? Me neither. And though I am actually very proud off my bikini collection, I actually don't consider it proper to parade myself in various degrees of bikininess (just made this up) on this blog. So, excuse the absence of holiday photos, of me that is. Because this is actually an excellent opportunity to present you with another fashionista whose beach style I very much admire. My mum:


Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

My weekend is going to be like that! Can't wait!

Charlotte said...

Thx for this sit ! soon one pictur of me with this new coup ! ;)

Anonymous said...

άψογο στυλ η μαμά ;)
έτσι είναι,κάποια πράγματα είναι κληρονομικά,και το γούστο απ'ότι φαίνεται..